F18 jet


Just wondering if there is any were where a could get plans for an f18 that I could put a 64mm edf in if it would work
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You don't have to do this and the F-16 is an AMAZING plane, but maybe take a swing at designing your own plane.

Either way, have fun with whatever you do and post some pictures of your build so others can drool over it:p
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What thickness Foamboard should i get

the adams readyboard which i use is half a centimeter wide and 20x30 inches

*note* i said width in centimeters because it doesnt measure up cleanly with inches
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What thickness Foamboard should i get
In the USA foam board only comes in one thickness, per brand. Most use Adams foam board ($1) from the Dollar Tree store. Many use Ross foam board (88¢) from Wal-Mart. If you can help it, avoid Elmer's foam board ($3), it's much heaver than the others.