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FF TX questions.

I'm going to FFTX this Nov and have a few questions...

first I'm bringing my 13 y/o son... at this point any flying he does is on a buddy box will he need a full on pilot pass or will a spectator pass suffice?

for camping... will we have access to restrooms, showers, running water etc? I've got a camp stove and want to make sure we're ok on using that?

thanks guys


Flite Test Groupie
I would say he should have the full pilot pass and AMA (free under 18). My daughter (12) only buddy boxes and has had the full pass every year.

For camping at the other FFs, there were trailer showers and portajohns. There was no running water.
But I believe the Texas location has a camp ground with option for full RV hook up. But it may be far away and not part of tent camping. Perhaps someone more familiar with apachee pass will chime in on water availability on site.

Camp stoves were fine.
oh ya the last question I had and forgot about... how do they deal with 72mhz? is there a tag to get like old school days? I have a 72mhz and may have a plane on it for fun... so worth asking about.