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I need to know the answer to this as well. I would have never thought that you would need to pre-register for spectators, so luckily I saw that on the FF2015 webpage before I made the 2.5 hour trip. I just finished making arrangements to bring a group from my church up tomorrow but am now hanging in limbo.:(

Please somebody tell me that spectator registration is still open.

I forgot to get my spectator pass ahead of time. They were still available today for $9 at the registration table.


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There would be no real reason to turn spectators away. They really are only concerned with having x amount of registered pilots. Although I suppose they may have worried if there is just absolutely no place to park, but it should not be a problem. Parking was changed up a bit today, so tomorrow if you go, just stop and ask where you should park. :)


I was at FliteFest on Friday and left my radio. It was either on the flightline right in front of the second build tent leaning against the flight station sign or I left it on my bumper in the parking lot. It is a FlySky FS-T6. Any chance it turned up in Lost and Found?


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FWIW the name on the tickets issue I was worried about was an issue but only a minor one. When we arrived on Friday things weren't going as smoothly as anyone would have liked. Due to the wet ground access to the camping areas was...tricky. We had to unload everything at the end of the driveway - then a volunteer used Mr. Fury's truck to bring our stuff up to the registration table. Where the internet connection was down so they were unable to process our passes. So instead they just took my name and said they'd handle it. I'm pretty sure I mentioned others were coming as part of our group, but in the confusion it wasn't noted or it was missed later when they got the connection back up and finished processing our passes. By then we'd been ferried out to a camp spot with Mr. Fury's Polaris UTV.

So the next day when the rest of our party showed up they were told they were already checked in. But no big deal "here's some wrist bands in case Jason didn't get them for you yesterday have fun!"

I know it's been said and will be said again - but I was blown away by the amazing attitude of everyone who helps makes FliteFest happen! Yeah, it was a hassle getting to our camp spot - but the Fury's and volunteers made it as painless as possible and my daughter enjoyed the adventure. Little hiccups like the check-in were handled with smiles and understanding. And that attitude wasn't just limited to our hosts but was shared by everyone in attendance. There aren't many places you can go to a gathering of people that big and folks will leave a giant X8 multirotor with gimbal and SLR under it just sitting unattended for hours at a time because they knew everyone there would respect it and leave it alone.

Every single member of the FT family (and it REALLY is a family) from the leaders through the volunteers right down to the participants never failed to bend over backwards to help anyone with anything. I really wish we could have gotten there sooner and stayed longer. I'm still in awe of just how amazing this event really is!

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Glad it worked out in the end. Unfortunately the rain did cause a issue with people getting stuck so they had to put a hold on letting people drive in. The registration probably didn't have same people at the desk which is where the confusion came in but glad it worked out.
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Since I was quoted I can't really go back and edit to hide my mistake. But let me apologize to the Furey family for leaving the e out of their name repeatedly last night :D

Guess I should have waited until after I got some sleep to post! After the way they bent over backwards to make sure we all had a great time the least I can do is get their name right. My daughter was so worried we missed the bonfire Saturday since she brought her marshmallows and roasting sticks. I later heard that Austin may have already gone off to bed but came back out to get the bonfire going - just another example of the over the top hospitality that was shown throughout the event!