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FFE 2019 dates?


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I know it's kind of early, but at my job we need to pick our vacations several months to a year in advance. Does anyone have the dates for Flite Fest East 2019? I'd like to see if I can get that week off and attend.
I'll be watching this thread, if anyone gets the word, please post it here.
I'm like @Arcfyre in that sooner is better know. I have to schedule in Sept. but with enough warning, I can sometimes finagle something.


Maneuvering With Purpose
I'm not sure I'd want to bet on it, but it seems likely to expect FF Ohio for the second weekend in July.

Other than that, I doubt if anyone knows anything at all about any additional events at this point.


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Yes.... well if it helps another vote for west...
You and me both. I doubt it'll be at the location it was before (I heard there were lots of issues of people over flying the freeway), but you never know what'll turn up. If I thought my club would be open to it, I'd suggest our field (we've got a 600' runway, a separate field for helicopters, and a separate field a mile or so down the road for drones/parkflyers), but we also don't have the room for 100+ people wanting to do onsite camping (but we're right next to a bunch of campgrounds and casinos with hotel rooms!).

Oh well, I'm sure something will be worked out.