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A very valuable lesson in the attached picture. I was actually looking for exposed solder joints or damaged Leeds.

I should probably line that ammo can with a rubber substance.

See you while there :)


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In my room in Carrollton. Goblin appears to be undamaged, and I believe that I remembered to bring enough stuff to fly 😎

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I want to know who Josh bribed to get the GREAT weather forecast for the weekend? Sunny, low 80's, low humidity, low winds, no rain other than what is happening right now!


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FloteFest. ;-)

Yeah, it rained a LOT this afternoon... there was even a tornado warning for a while. We packed up and came back to our motel at about 3:00 PM. Something tells me the field is going to be a major mess tomorrow morning. Too bad, really, as flying conditions earlier today were ideal.


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came in Thursday evening about 4:30 and retreated after round two at 5:15. Cars were not allowed to enter the field and only parking options were a long ways off. Thought about trying to go back Thursday evening to see night flight. Does anyone know if they are still blocking cars from parking?


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Nice thing about the storm clouds is it really makes the photos of all the planes in the air really pop. Keep posting them for folks who aren't there! (Unless there's a Flite Fest 2019 live stream or blog somewhere I can be directed to)


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In my experience, a couple dozen per day outside of the combat sessions. Seen some spectacular foam explosions as a slow moving noob launches in front of the high speed racer screaming past.

It's why we say "bring the friends you love, and the planes you don't" :D

I had my midair. Early in the morning in light traffic.

Result? SlingShot 1 Other Guy 0

I shrugged off a scratch and the other dude went down! @Grifflyer builds a pretty good airplane 😎