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Messerschmitt P.1092 30mm micro EDF Jet

Here is my next project: the Messerschmitt P.1092! This WWII fantasy aircraft was designed during the war as some sort of single engine Me 262. There are five different designs of this plane, I am going to make a combination of number 2 and 5. I really like the engine placement, it looks unique, but fits perfectly with the shrunk down 262 fuselage. However, Im going to change some things. Im going to use the nose of Nr.5, but enlarge the air intakes, to allow the EDF to breathe. I also dont like bubbletop canopys, so Im going with the much smoother canopy of Nr.2. To power it, im going to use a 30mm EDF and a 3s LiPo. I hope it takes it, because its only made for 2s. Wingspan is going to be around 50cm, and its going to be a belly lander.




I already have all my materias and I will start the build today. Plans will come, too!
I really like this, looks big enough to handle a 50mm if needed. Hope the test flights go well.
50 is too big, the thrust tube of the 30mm fits perfect into the plane and a 50 would also need more air, which cant go through the inlet. In fact, this plane is pretty small, its just one sheet of foam, and its smaller than a sparrow.


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Super nice build my dude👍 Was waiting for somebody to do a micro EDF project. Can't wait to see how she flies! After my twin engine project I will be attempting a micro EDF. I may do the HP-115 or the Lockheed D-21 super sonic drone thingy because they would handle somewhat familiar. Others I am considering are the BAC-TSR2, F94 straight wing fighter, or something forward swept. Let me know what it's like building and flying micro EDF jets!


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Yeah that is pretty small and not much intake. On something like this I'm always thinking more thrust is better but maybe not in this case. I like the wing to stabilizer ratio and the longer tail moment, wing is small compared to fuselage but in scale though. Whats wing loading look like?


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Looks like it’s elevator and ailerons, Servo for elevator is inside fuselage.

Looking forward to the video, trouble shoot and try again as needed.


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It could have too much vertical area ahead of the center of lift. That might make it reluctant to turn. You could try adding a rudder and couple it too the ailerons, or add significant differential to the ailerons ( more up than down ) this will create more yaw during aileron movement. Just some thoughts off the top of my head. good luck I really want this one to work.