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Finally made the change to SBUS!


Site Moderator
Pardon my ignorance but I have trouble identifying which is which. I think I've got PWM down based merely on how it connects but I often don't see this specified. For example, my SPM4648 for my tricopter says it supports SRXL. Is there a way to know when things seem unspecified?


Hostage Taker of Quads

Keeping track of which is which isn't easy, but SRXL is not S.Bus. The 4648 does support the Spektum Sat protocol, so if that's your hardware, that's the receiver input I'd pick. It's clearly a better performer than PPM, and the margin between sat and sbus is thin enough it's arguable. Not sure if the 4648 will even do PPM . . . it's always possible, but as you say, the documentation seems to imply no.

It's an interesting question though . . . How do you know what you don't know that you don't know?

The ever present Unknown unknowns. Many of the "undocumented features" are found by accident (wait, that works? it shouldn't.) or by exploration (it would be nice if it . . . well, lets see if it does!). Reports come in, people share, and we all benefit. To answer your question . . . experiment and keep an ear open for what others find out.


Fly Angry
HEY!! Don't be so mean to that quad. I heard it scream in pain several times. Broke my heat at the 45 second mark. Sounded like you stepped on a puppies tail it did.

Not bad run mate you definitely got faster and more smooth since I last saw a run on this track.