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First build

Okay, to set the scene. I was 14. I started building a plane my uncle gave me for my birthday. It was my first "true" build. I had it almost all built when it happened. I was cutting with a razor blade and I slipped. I was stupid and I was holding the wood in my hand while I shaved it. After I slipped, I didn't feel anything, just saw the blood gushing out. I don't understand this, but when I came down later, there was a spray of blood all offer the walls, ceiling, and floor. Most of my room had blood on it. I ran upstairs screaming my head off, to my mom. My dad was out, consequently, teaching an advanced EMT class.
My mom and I hurriedly stemmed the blood then got into the car and drove to the ER. we called my dad and he said to wait for him. My mom said "No, we are not waiting for you. Meet us at the ER." When we got there, a doc examined means sent me to 'fast track'. My dad arrived and I showed him what I did. He whistled and said 'wow, cool' then took some pictures. The doctor asked me to touch all my fingers to my thumb, but I couldn't. They said that it was worrying. They recommended that I go to a hand specialist. I had my stitches, my lidocaine, and a wrap. I went home and slept.
A few days later I went to the specialist and he said to have a nerve test done. We scheduled an appointment with the nerve guy. He tested me and boy, did it hurt. He said that I had a severed nerve. We went back to the hand specialist and he recommended that I get surgery done. He said it had to be in the next few days or it would be too late to save the nerve.
I went into surgery 3 days later. The hand specialist was the surgeon. He said that he might no be able to save the nerve because it all depended on where the nerve got cut. If it was where it was all together, he said he should be able to do it. If it was where it was all spread out, he couldn't because the nerves are microscopic. I went in, and came out. He had sewn them up and given me a cast. I had a 4-6 month recovery. He also said that I may never get my strength back.
A year and a half later, I still can't do some things with my hand or touch some of my fingers, but I still fly!

P.S. Sorry if I misspelled anything...

Ron B

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I damaged my hand 4 yrs. ago and the only member that works 100% is my thumb and I am glad of that as i only need my thumbs on the sticks.
We just learn to do things differently than we used to


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I made a 3" cut on my right wrist when I was 13 doing a control line plane , the Blade of the x-acto broken cutting the spar ( don't remember the model but it was with a .35 ) I also cut my thumb the year after. The real painful come at 17 when I burn my left hand third degree making rocket fuel, I don't have internet forums and formula at the time.