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First Fixed Wing and First Build: Wait for power pack or build

I have my FT Tony Trainer and have watched the build video a dozen times. I have to wait to order my Power Pack A. Should I wait to build (I don't have servos) or should I go ahead and build and install servos later?


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Since it is best to mount the tail servos on externally on the TT and not where the build video puts them I think it is fine to build it now. Which wing are you building?
I just finished the power pod, two nozes, and the fuselage. I didn't install the tail feathers. I built as per the build video. Will post picures tomorrow. I was building on a 18" x 24" sheet of glass not big enough for the wings. I need a new razor blade to cut the hinges and do the wings. I have experience with a quad copter this is my first fixed wing so I will build both wings.
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