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First FPV Set-up; No Video

I've been flying my Spedix S250 for about 6 months now and decided to start messing with FPV. I'm taking my HAM Technicians test next month but I went ahead and purchased my FPV transmitter and receiver so I could get everything word up and working prior to getting my license and flying. I'm current running a 3S set up and I'm powering the transmitter (Lumenier TX5G2R) using the 12v output from the PDB. I have it running into my RunCam Sky+. I am using the Lumenier RX5GR powered using a 2000 mah 2S battery as my receiver. Both transmitters are broadcasting at 5.8 ghz and I'm using right polarized cloverleaf antennas on both the transmitter and the receiver. Both units appear to be working when I power them up but I am getting no video output on the receiver. I have tried hooking the component leads to my TV and to a Component to USB converter but neither work. Also, when I run the "search" feature on the RX5GR, it always finds the channel that I've selected on the transmitter.

Any ideas or suggestions?


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Sounds like the conversion method you are using to output the video to your tv is not working as intended. If your tx and rx are syncing when using auto search then the conversion is bad. first what type of TV are you using and what input? Is it a newer tv or an old cathode type? Are you using a component input or the standard coaxial cable type input? Lastly what exactly are you using between the RX and the tv to do the conversions.

USB will not work at all for an input. That is only meant for things like video cameras made for usb or thumb drive type things. If you are trying to use a RGB style component input that will not work either as there needs to be 3 video signals for that to work. You must have the old analog (yellow) jack with the separate left and right sound (not needed) for your TV to see the signal from your RX.

If you have an old vcr or dvd player with a pass thru that has that analog input you could use that to convert your signal.
The only other option I know for a tv as a monitor is to take a chance on one of those Chinese converters that sometimes work and most times don't. I lucked out and got one that did work where I could output my video signal from my fpv monitor to my bigscreen tv.

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Thanks for your response PsyBorg.

If I am not mistaken, the default output of the receiver is analog. That being said, the output port of the receiver is a 3.5mm jack and the cable that was included with the receiver is a 3.5mm jack that splits into the Red, Yellow, White male components. Now, my original plan for flying FPV was to use my android tablet as my display monitor, very similar to what this pilot set up in the link below.


Now, I have a USB converter and an app that reads USB video feeds and I used a USB Web can to confirm that the app was working correctly, and it does. Regarding the TV, I have a new LED TV and I hooked the receiver up to the Aux 1 component input but no dice. Any other ideas? How can I confirm that the receiver is actually working


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You are still confusing the old analog input on a tv (the yellow RCA connector) with Component video where the signal is split to feed red green and blue on separate inputs but still using colored RCA style connectors. Component inputs and an analog input that uses the entire signal are two different things and will not work with each other.

The 3.5 mm cable you have uses the yellow for the Video signal the red for right audio channel and the white for left audio channel. If you notice on the connections to the phone in the example picture only the yellow RCA end is being used.

The only way to test your video feed on a TV is to use one of the old style Cathode tube type TV's with the analog input like they used on the old VCR's and early DVD's or get a converter that takes an analog signal and digitizes it for use with an hdmi input on a newer TV like I found. Its easier to just get one of the 7 inch monitors that has a built in 40 channel diversity receiver and possibly a built in dvr on some models depending how much you can put into it.

There is one I found with a quick amazon search that does not have a receiver that will do what you need and use the receiver you already have here. https://www.amazon.com/Usmile®-400l...&keywords=7+inch+fpv+monitor+with+no+receiver If you can find better deal somewhere make sure the monitor does NOT go to blue or black screen on weak video signal. Thats a bad thing for FPV.
Oh, I think that I am following you. Correct me if I am wrong but are you referring to the 5 pin "HD" component cables that were around for a few years that use Red, Blue, Green, Red, and White for HD? The Aux 1 on my Samsung TV has the red female connector replaced with yellow connector and I thought that it indicated that it could be used interchangeably with the 3 wire RCA set up.

You also have a point about only the yellow being used, I didn't really take that into consideration. I hooked the Red and the White up because the transmitter that I have has a built in microphone so I thought that the Red and White needed to be connected to allow for audio playback. Are these things not meant for audio but only video?


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Maybe this will help. Some people see things to learn easier. Most newer or flat screen TV's no longer use the analog inputs as the resolution is below the capabilities of the processors.

Input example..jpg
Thank you for the clarification. I am crystal clear now. I got some feedback from Lumenier this morning as well that said that an issue may be that I connected the Yellow, Red, and White instead of just the Yellow. I have a few things to try this evening when I get home. I appreciate the help.


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So I did get it to work on my TV. The issue was that I had all of the RCA wires connected before but when I connected just the Yellow wire everything worked. My TV flexes one of its component ports as its RCA port. I still can't get it to work on my tablet though. I may just have to get one of those monitors.


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Cool! At least you have made progress. It really is easier to get goggle or a monitor as you will find between batteries and cabling it can be a huge pain in the rear unless its all consolidated into a neat set up with as few dangling things as possible.