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First plane selection.

My first plane selection

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Hi everyone, i have been wondering what should be my first flying plane so i have ordered the parts and I am still waiting on the servos bu I want to know which you would like me to try. About the flying and crashing, don't worry I have plenty of simulator time and I am sure I could now crash anything.

I have 3 choices as a first plane,

1- I have the crash-proof trainer
2- I have a biplane
3- I have a custom jet with in-flight wing configuration change.

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

So which should it be?
I leave it up to you!

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
I don't really see a trainer in the group. The low wing looks like my 3d foamie. I'd say get a trainer and start there.
i would recommend a nutball to start . if u make it from presentation foam board it is relatively crash proof i had crashed mine about 30 times before it was beyond a state of quick repair. they are great trainers and easy to build
I like the look of that biplane. Big control surfaces. If it's your first go, I would dial down the throws quite a bit. I have an FT Flyer/BluDart and was amazed the first time I flew it how manueverable it was. I dialed down the elevator to 50% :) It is a crazy fun thing to fly when the winds are calm.
Hey everyone, i've started setting up the plane, the motor is installed.
Still waiting for the servos. If someone knows a place to get 9g servos in montreal please tell me.

For now the 5x5 prop works well but the 8x5 has a problem. Can someone tell me what is wrong.


Rotor Riot!
That sounded like the prop stretches the rubber ring too much - try using two bands instead. Learn that ugly sound at the end - the sound of a misplaced propeller on a prop saver.
My guess is that you have too much control surface area combines with too much throw. the plane probably would have flown fine with less control surface area and less throw.