first plane

  1. f-35lover

    What beginner plane?

    Hi, I'm a beginner who hasn't even started flying. I now am deciding on what plane to fly first. I want to use the power pack c for my planes, any suggestions on what first plane to use? and do you recommend flying an edf jet as a second plane? right now I want to fly the p-40 as a first plane...
  2. Marki Mark

    First plane a total disaster

    I decided to make an FT Explorer. It took me over a year because I got demotivated several times due to long shipping times and lack of skill with foamboard. I finally finished the plane and it's a total disaster. I cannot get the thing to fly more than a couple feet and after so many repairs...
  3. Charlbarl

    First build had it's maiden flight today!

    Howdy y'all! Last week I became interested in RC planes (I have a deep interest in Rocketry and love flying planes in Kerbal) and ordered a RadioLink T8FB transmitter, 2200 KV motor, ESC, pair of servos, and 3000 mAh battery. I stopped by dollar store for some Adam's foam board and duct tape. I...
  4. T

    First Plane

    Hey everyone, I’m new here I just bought the Simple Storch kit a few weeks ago for my first ever plane. I got it all together and it flew a little rough the first time but after some repairs (from a crash) and some tuning, it now flys like a charm and I just ordered two more kits.
  5. Robyle3

    The revival of a forgotten legend.

    About six months ago now, i was surfing kijiji for any rc planes for sale in my area. I scrolled past about 15 gassers, a few gorgeous balsa gliders (i came SOO close to buying them), and a very tempting offer on a 2000mm electric supercub. But i stopped cold when i chanced upon a used Multiplex...
  6. T

    FT Racer on its way!!

    Hi all, Firstly, I would like to thank you for a great site! Wow! I cannot believe I might actually, finally be able to afford flying...! I taught myself over a long period of time with only my flight simulator. Then I paid for lessons at our local club around 7 weeks ago, and have not had a...
  7. Turkey_Flyer

    New Pilot, First build, First problems.

    Hi, im from Mexico City im new to this forum, I´ve been reading FT articles and treads on this forum for a long time, finally I decided to start this hobby, I have to thank FT guys for making the hobby affordable and easy. I pick up the plans for the scout in FT page and cut them in my local...
  8. sierra_bravo

    first rc plane build help.

    Hello, I am new to the rc world coming from the pcmasterrace world. I wanting to build my first plane and I always loved drones so I want to buy the FT versa wing kit from the FT store. I love the design and I also would build it as a pusher so i can mount a gopro to the front of it. I have...
  9. F

    Tuff Wing or Parkjet 2?

    This will be my first flying wing. I plan on buying a turnigy 9x transmitter but I am still not sure will plane to buy. The tuff wing is more expensive, but is it a more versatile airplane? Please help me.
  10. N

    Whats the best and cheapest rc plane for me to start with

    Ok i have been watching ALOT of flight test and i really want to start flying. ( i already have a rc truck but i think flying will be something new) i saw some of the swapables and i was wondering if that would be a cheap easy and durable first flyer for me to start with
  11. S

    flight test fail

    well this is my first post on any forum ever. just wanna say love the show josh n josh it got me intrested in the hobby. with that said i got my first plane in the mail today the cox sky crusier rtf. putting it together was a snap and from what i read flying it would be too even for a noob. i...
  12. N

    First Trainer Questions

    Hello everyone! I'm new in the forum, and a total noob on the hobby of RC Planes. So I would like to get some answers to a few questions I have... I've decided it's time for me to build my first plane (trainer). I already have the electronics with me, but I'm not sure if I should build a...
  13. B

    First plane selection.

    Hi everyone, i have been wondering what should be my first flying plane so i have ordered the parts and I am still waiting on the servos bu I want to know which you would like me to try. About the flying and crashing, don't worry I have plenty of simulator time and I am sure I could now crash...