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Flight controller for electrohub?

Hi everyone, I have a electro hub set up as a spider quad. I use it heaps, now I have a miniquad to go with it. My miniquad covers me when I just want to do acrobatics and proximity. With a recent addition of a gopro hero3+ I think I might be setting up my electrohub to film. I'm not wanting a super expensive setup, the filming is just for fun. So I wont be needing brushless gimballs, but might be playing with some servo gimbals etc. A side hobby for me is cars, and I would love to get some footage of some classics climbing the local hills. Would also love to get some footage of motorcross as well as dirt jump.

At the moment I have a kk2 onboard. But I'm wondering weather I should be looking at Fc with baro and mag. Something small and compact would be good. Was considering the naze32 mini, but Iv'e been building my mini quad for awhile so might have been brainwashed.

So what Fc would you pick for this?