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Flip multiwii help


Junior Member
I'm currently building/have built a quadcopter and am having trouble arming the flip board I have set up all of the channels the way it explained on the packaging. I'm using a dx4 transmitter. I have the plugs matched to the correct pins in the board and the receiver. Can anyone shed some troubleshooting advice.


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Hey NathanH, welcome to the forums. One of the problems with the DX4 is that you can't change the end-points on each channel.

With a computer TX, you can do this on the TX:

You basically have two options:

1) Edit the multiwii sketch so that the multiwii.h file MINCHECK value is high enough for your TX, which I think will work if you follow this thread: http://www.multiwii.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=4775

2) Try using your throttle trim at its lowest value to set it to the lowest PWM value possible, but it still might not work because YAW isn't going to be enough, so you might need to mess with the YAW trim as well. Just remember to restore/re-center the Yaw trim.