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  1. A

    HELP PLEASE! Im a newbie and am having throttle trouble

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the hobby and just built my first quadcopter a few days ago. While I think I've fixed most of the problems I originally had, there's one problem in particular that I cant get down. Every time I raise the throttle, the quad understands and begins to go up. However, when I...
  2. K

    Intermittent pulsing as I throttle up

    I bought power pack A and the mini corsair build a few weeks back. Just finished the whole project. Immediately running into a similar problem that I saw someone else hit with Power Pack C on another thread. They posted this youtube video which shows my exact problem. The build is all straight...
  3. D

    Need help with Gremlin

    So I recently got a gremlin that was built by FT; I took it out of the box and plugged the battery in. The battery is fully charged and is a lumenier 2 cell, 400 mAh, and 7.4 volt. I was able to get my Spektrum DXe to bind to the receiver, the receiver held a solid orange light. The problem is...
  4. Z

    Power Pack A Motor Troubleshooting

    I recently assembled the power pod for a Tiny Trainer. Some of the instructions weren't clear and I had tried to attach it using four screws instead of the two it showed in the video which didn't work. I also used the medium sized screws rather than the smallest ones that came with the motor...
  5. S

    Howdy Flite Test Forums!

    Hi all, I am excited to try to get my first quad build back from the dead...or maybe it was never alive in the first place. Either way, it should be fun being a part of the forums. Check out my blog post, I added some jokes...
  6. C

    HELP!! | My E-Flite ESC Isn't working!

    I went to my local hobby store and came back and my motor at first wasn't running very good. it made a weird pulsing noise. then i tried it and it only rotates at ~600 rpm. (normally 20,000 rpm) I checked my battery and it was reading 11.7 V. So I'm not sure what is wrong with my E-Flite 30...
  7. S

    Does my DX6i not work with a Horizon Hobby UMX A-10 bind and fly?

    I just picked up a Horizon A-10 thats a bind and fly. I can get everything BUT the throttle to work. Aileron, rudder and elevator all work, as does the AS3X, but the throttle does not work. Anyone with a similar problem or issue? The guy at the store assured me a DX6i would work with it... well...
  8. N

    emax 12a esc not chirping

    My brother and i are building our first FT kit, the easy trainer, and we're encountering some issues with the electronics. After we built the power pod, we decided to check and make sure the electronics all worked/calibrate the esc... the radio was bound perfectly and the servos work but the...
  9. FlamingCT

    Building a Versa, have problems with clean flight/naze32!

    Hello, first time posting! As the title states I started my versacopter build over the weekend and when I went to test the motors in clean flight I get error beeps (I assume that's what they are...). Also I ordered the versa kit with the new "better" e-pack motors, maybe that's causing the...
  10. J

    Engine not working properly. Please help!

    Hi, I'm from an Aerodesign team and we own 2 Magnums .61 XLS engines. We used to attach them to APC 12,25x3,75 propellers because we need to obtain the most thrust available and it was the best propeller for this engine is these considerations. The combination between engine and propeller used...
  11. N

    Flip multiwii help

    I'm currently building/have built a quadcopter and am having trouble arming the flip board I have set up all of the channels the way it explained on the packaging. I'm using a dx4 transmitter. I have the plugs matched to the correct pins in the board and the receiver. Can anyone shed some...
  12. J

    Motors not spinning up, Help!

    Hi all ... first time poster, but long time flitetest show fan. So I've built my first quad, everything seems to have gone relatively smoothly, other than the fact that the motors don't spin when instructed (I know, that might be problematic) :) The quad I've put together uses an Seriously Pro...
  13. Mastrmindz

    KK2.1 Issue With the Screen

    Hey guys. I recently went flying and tested a new 2200mAh 3s turnigy battery on my tricopter. After one bouncy landing, it went head-over-heels. The KK2.1 board was initially alright, but when I unplugged the battery and replugged it, something went wrong with the screen. I have the image...
  14. L

    ESC Calibration and fast beeping

    Hello, I am new to building a multirotor so please help me understand what the problem I'm experiencing and how to solve it as I'm still lacking some understanding. I am using Turnigy 25A Plush ESC with HK 3.0 Flight Board. Before I had calibrated my ESC with my tx, my motors would start at...
  15. F

    Trouble with Suppo ESC/motor

    Greetings! This is my first post. I've been lurking for a while and I've finally reached the point where I need to reach out for some advice. So I've just finished building my first FT Spitfire. She looks pretty good considering my limited experience with scratch building. I'm installing the...
  16. O

    nutty nutball

    help im new to this and built a nutball, all it does is shoot up and flip over what is going on?