Flite Fest East '17 Roll Call


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JD Filkins from Columbus Ohio. + one. SWMBO decided to come along just so she could relax and get in some reading. ;) We will be tent camping with a canopy.

Balu, it will be good to see you again. Save a small chunk of Dark for me. ;) I'm also hoping to build a Simple Cub, but I'll be bringing a Bloody Wonder, an Undead Zombie HK Tundra, a few Radians, a Wing or three a few others Odds and Ends and my VERY FIRST FT build, an FT Flyer made from Elmer's Foam with bamboo skewer leading edges.

See you all in the volunteer tent!


Timmy P

Timmy P from Columbus Ohio.. Coming with my buddy Ben Gates. This will be our 4th year attending. We look forward to this event all year. We will attempt to camp with old friends. I think the camping sites may be assigned this year? I'll be bringing a few of my Cessna 180s And a few of my new Cessna 337s. It has a unique inline twin setup. Find me if you want to fly it. Or I may have a few to sell with me. Keep an eye out.
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Ryan Papp
Coming from Elkton MD,
Bringing my son Seth,
Planes.... Sweepwings Juggernaut, radian, maybe build a super bee and My Balsa Eflight mustang will be built on site with help from a few buddies.


Jim! I am so excited to meet you and psyborg!

The name is Patrick Murphy
I am traveling from Dallastown, Pa.
I will be bringing Rik Keersmaekers from Belgium.
Planes: Radian (a must), Spitfire Fun Fighter, Simple Cub, Mig-21 of my design, EDF flying wing of Rik's design, QAV quad, and ???

Flying is tertiary. Hanging out with friends is primary and secondary!


im pretty sure gummy bears cant be fresh but u can ship me the leftover chocolate, tho i doubt there will be any


Whoot! One Week away!

Eric here coming a short hop from Medina Ohio, with Nate a teen from my (full scale) soaring club who recently got into r/c.

No knock your socks off builds planned, but do have a few interesting things I will be building there that aren't your typical aircraft.

Word of advice for the first timers - I found previous years I brought too many planes and not enough camping gear / comfort items for the week. I'd cap it at 4-5 aircraft and save the rest of the room for camping gear, food drinks, and tools if you are tight on space. This year I will only be bringing a few assembled planes, and will be building the rest there with pre-arranged plans/ ideas.
Sheet foam takes up less space in the car than entire airplanes ;)


Thanks Jim :)

With wife.
Ruby or chocolate lab will be staying at her own vacation resort, Country Club For Pets :)
London, Ontario, Canada
Best Western North Canton

I will be wearing a yellow t-shirt with RCdiy and Hike For Happiness logos on them.

I've not flown yet this year but will bring my equipment.
My wife was close to getting he wings but needs to get back into flying again. Maybe someone will buddy box with my wife so she can fly but if not I'm sure we will have lots to do.

My wife will be taking part in the Baron build. I've also have a Simple Cub and some receivers being shipped to the hotel.


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Thanks Jim :)

With wife.

Looking forward to meeting you! Your Taranis videos have been very helpful to me - and I'll make sure to test out my buddy box setup to make sure it's all working as expected on the updated OpenTX. :applause:


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Luis Russi is the name and hanging at FliteFest with family is the game! I will be traveling from Buffalo NY which is about a 4 hour drive. My son Carter will be attending with me for his 2nd and my 4th OG FliteFest. We will be arriving Wed evening and hotel camping in Carrollton. I will be bringing 3 flavors of FT Arrows - The 2016 OG BuildNite Arrow, 2017 RS2205 Arrow, and the freshly built LED Nite-Arrow. I also built a Experimental Airlines Fugly Jet 64MM EDF. Carter will be bringing his FT Nutball and HobbyZone Firebird Stratos. He's more into quads but still learning to fly everything so he is keeping it simple. Plus I agree with rcbif (Eric) above on his advise. Don't go crazy bringing your entire hanger, every year I've scaled back on the amount of aircraft I bring. A small variety of craft will do you fine!

We will be working as flight line chiefs in the early morning hours. Everyone better have some common sense from 7:30am to 10:45am or they will have to deal with Carter's Ban Hammer :p! Looking forward to seeing everyone and adding to the family! If you haven't signed up to volunteer, hit the link in the signature and get to it, never too late to help the cause.


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My daughter (Hannah, 11) and I (Aaron) will be coming for our 4th FliteFest.

We are set to build a Simple Cub with the FTCC dudes.
I have my Travel Air Mystery Ship from the forum build off. (Still needs some markings to finish).
My first FT plane, FT Flyer will be there.

Then I will start filling the RV over cab area with planes like: Mini Guinea & 75% MG, Bloody Baron, baby baron(s), baby bugatti, night arrow, tiny trainer(world record holder), nnMig3 v2(beta), nnChipmunk, nnTrainer (beta) and the Mavic Pro. There may be more but I don't see me flying all I already listed.
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Dan (SP0NZ), Keegan (AkimboGlueGuns), Russ, and Preston Sponholz will all be attending our fourth annual Flite Fest. It's become a tradition at this point. We are driving in from Wisconsin (about 10 hours) and will be camping onsite in our popup camper. There are a lot of planes coming between the four of us; some Super Bees, Arrows, an nnChipmunk v2, Simple Cub, Wonders, maybe a new design I'm working on, the Ugly Stick, and more.

Looking forward to hanging out with old and new friends, volunteering in the FT Store tent, and maybe doing a little flying too. Oh yeah fries, lots of french fries. :cool:

See you all in about a week!


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The odds were against me going this year.
Turns out I'm probably going to show up anyway.

Plane is leaving in less than 48 hours from now which should give me plenty time to prepare my gear before Flite Fest starts.
So maybe, just maybe I'll be able to get more than one flight in this year.


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I am Carl,
travelling from Herndon, Virginia,
Driving by myself,
Bringing: 1/6th Caudron Racer, Hangar 9 Sbach 342, FMS P-51, F-18 pusher (my old go-to), and 1/4 scale P-40 Warhawk

Camping on-site, hopefully close to a lot of the regulars from the forum. This will be my 4th Flite Fest and there are so many guys to catch up with. Can't wait to get out there!
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I am Devin,
driving up from South Florida,
I'm bringing no one but will be taking Harik home (he is flying into Akron Airport),
and am bringing 2 E-Flite Apprentice (one stock and one setup for night flying), a FMS Fox 2.4m Glider, and Seba Neo (DLG).

We'll be camping on site as well in my RV and volunteering at FliteFest (current scheduled for morning in the Build Tent).


Still on the fence.
Bazinga! LOL :p

Sponz, Are you sure Andre is joking? Which question is he on the fence about? ;) We know he is going but he may be on the fence about what planes he is bringing (we knows he has more than he can bring or fly) or who he is bringing (or maybe they are the ones on the fence and he is trying to pull them off the fence). :cool: