Flite Fest East '17 Roll Call


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Sponz, Are you sure Andre is joking? Which question is he on the fence about? ;) We know he is going but he may be on the fence about what planes he is bringing (we knows he has more than he can bring or fly) or who he is bringing (or maybe they are the ones on the fence and he is trying to pull them off the fence). :cool:

Or maybe he will be Fencing at Flite Fest... FFF....


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Maybe he was jumping a fence and is now stuck and that was a plea for help to get him down. While we are all here speculating he could be dehydrating and withering away as we speak. Someone FIND THIS MAN!!


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My name is Dwight Souder. This will be my 2nd time coming, but the first time coming as a pilot. I am bringing a FT Explorer and I'm hoping to get a FT Spear made before the trip (or perhaps work on it in the build tents). I have perhaps one of the shorter drives, driving from Mansfield, Ohio so it should take me about 1.5 - 2 hours to get there. I'm looking forward to meeting many of you and do a lot of learning while flying.


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I'm Adam driving from near Zanesville, OH. (Looks like just shy of two hours)
Camping on-site, from start to finish.
On the volunteer roster.
Bringing my freshly-minted Sea Duck, Phantom 3A, a few 5"/6" miniquads, and a tiny whoop or two.


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Wow, so many people to see. Some of you have been on these forums since the very beginning it's an odd feeling that after all these years I'll get to meet y'all face to face. I'm glad we have a good number of days to get to visit each other. Just 5 days and I start driving!

Hello Adam. Often I greet and ask for a brief introduction but you've beat me to the punch. Welcome to the forum.
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Hi I'm Mike and I will be coming from the Madison, WI area. Will be bringing my FT Arrow, UMX Pitts, Radian, Waco and 1 or 2 more. Leaving the quads at home, but also toting my Blade 230S heli. I am camping with my teardrop trailer which is perfect for this kind of event. Also bringing a pop-up shelter for shade on the flight line if anyone needs shade just stop by. Hope to get in late Thurs AM. Looking forward to meeting everyone!


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From Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas

Coming from DFW, Texas area. I attended last year and now making it an annual event. Bringing a friend who's never been to flitefest, but enjoys RC flying, and building and detailing RC aircraft; he's never built a flitetest plane and is anxious to learn.


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Has anyone heard if the Swede is coming? He wasn't mentioned on the last RC Afterhours when they were talking about who would be going. I don't think they intended to be speaking all inclusively of course but since he is frequently on the show I was hoping to hear something.


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If you are talking David Windestål, then unfortunately not this year. Pinged him a few weeks ago on RCExplorer.se.


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Gryf Ketcherside here, driving out from St. Charles, Missouri with friend Steve Conner for our fourth Flite Fest. I'll be bringing my new super-sized Simple Cub, Arrow, Fokker DR1, Nano Skyhunter, Bloody Baron, and maybe Sea Duck if it will fit in the car. I'll probably pack my Inductrix FPV and goggles just for fun... definitely the goggles, to tune into other pilots' FPV at the field. Steve will probably bring his 130% FT Spitfire, Viggen, Reaktor, Trojan, etc. We usually try to set up our shelter adjacent to one of the build tents.




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Hi everyone...

David is my name and flying is my game. Sometimes I winses, and sometimes I loses.
This will be my second FF. Driving 10 hours from central Massachusetts.

Bringing RTF:
FT-22 Supersized
RQ-7 Shadow
F-18E FT-Style
F/A-18E 40 CAG (just fun to see)
MiniWing (Screamer)
FT-Spitfire (4 years old and flown this year 4 times)
1/6 Scale Crosby CR-4 (will perform maiden #3 at FFE17)
Balanced Pusher Wing #6
Balanced BluntWing #2 (most incredible flying wing ever!)

Projects for FFE17:
Fiberglass FT-Viggen
DIY Quad with APM (need help setting up with telemetry 915 MHz communication with Flight Planner)

Best known for:
FliteFest East Volunteer Pancakes.

Most appreciated for:
Turning on the Generators at 6 am to get the showers and built tents going. Part of EGT (electrical/generator Volunteer Team).

Love to meet all you - stop me anytime and reintroduce yourself (again).
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By name is Brian. I'm driving in from Baldwinsville, NY (near Syracuse for those of you who sorta know NY)
Hopefully my friend and hanggliding instructor, Don will be joining me. He's just recent started to teach himself to fly quads.

I'll be bringing my Cafe Racers Mk II and III, My custom Versa-Arrow, FT Scout, and the 1/6 scale Ryan NYP I've been struggling to birth. (seriously though, 14 hours of labor just yesterday...)

I might bring my 250 quad too as it doesn't take up much space. It's likely I will be building something at the event as well.
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Hey VA neighbor!
Any chance you can get the Hobby Hangar guys to come up and setup shop there?? :)


I am Carl,
travelling from Herndon, Virginia,
Driving by myself,
Bringing: 1/6th Caudron Racer, Hangar 9 Sbach 342, FMS P-51, F-18 pusher (my old go-to), and 1/4 scale P-40 Warhawk

Camping on-site, hopefully close to a lot of the regulars from the forum. This will be my 4th Flite Fest and there are so many guys to catch up with. Can't wait to get out there!


Allen Schmidt
Driving in from Fredericksburg, Virginia - a sleepy little hamlet between Washington, DC and Richmond, Virginia.
Tent camping and volunteering in the Family Tent.
Hoping to finish the Bloody Baron I bought last year and get it flying.
Would love to get a Cub and build/fly at FliteFest. Bringing my (mostly) Horizon Hobby hangar.
Should be in before noon on Wed and helping out where I can.
3rd FF and I can't believe another year has rolled by.

FLITE FEST 2017! WhooHooo!!!



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Hey Allen - give me a wave as you head by on Wed morning :)

I'll be leaving Alexandria during morning rush hour traffic (dropping my daughter at camp) and arriving behind you in early afternoon :)
Dave from New Jersey traveling with my wife. First time flying a plane in 18 years. Will build something there with my wife in hopes to get her interested too. Teaching myself how to fly heli's but will not be bringing any. STill new at it...

Will be camping there. Cannot wait to meet all the FT crew and many other good people. This is also my first time camping in many many years.

Forgot to mention, this is my first FF we will be attending. Looking forward to it...
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John Cresanto, from the Eastern edge of Ohio. Just starting to gather the few things i'm bringing. Mostly tools and electronics for building, and maybe a quad to tinker with. I've managed to strong-arm my brother Bob, to make the perilous 55 minute journey to Malvern, dragging his camper.

We're both gonna build the FT Chubby in the Group build series tent on Thursday. If that goes as well as i hope, then i'll probably scratch build another. Maybe even modify the wing a bit before adding big tires, flaps, couple of 1806's on the wing. Who knows, it might even fly if it'll balance. The possibilities are exciting ... :cool: