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Flite fest Europe???


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That's part of the things that needs to be figured out I guess. I have not organized an international event in Germany yet, so I don't know really.

All I know is I have a membership and insurance from a German club that allows me to fly everywhere in the world, on model airstrips and in parks - but not at AMA sanctioned events in the US... I just hope it's not that complicated over here ;).
There is a weight limit above which you have to have a "proof of knowledge" to fly. as far as I know that's 5kg Edit: it's 2 kg
You have to have insurance to legally fly but The DMFV offers a free trial month including insurance, so your first flite fest should be covered.
Even the advanced "on and off the flied" insurance Balu is talking about can be had for around €50/year depending on the coverage.
There are also "Club" policies on offer which cover all the members.
Maybe one of the many german insurance companies can be persuaded to accept Flite Fest as a temporary club and the payment can be split among the attendees.
I wouldn't mind paying a little extra even though I'm already insured.
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I am new to the hobby so not sure on details but I saw online that in the uk the bmfa are developing a national flying centre with space for events and camping. Sounds like an ideal place if flite test could work with the bmfa.
in Almeria (Spain) there is a desert area quite clear
There is even a recreation of a city in the far west where many movies were shot in the 70s
its called "Desierto de Tabernas"
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