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Flite Fest West?

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It's lot's of work:

One full-blown Flite Fest a year is plenty for the FliteTest crew to handle.
It's in their own neighborhood.

It's too much for them to organize one way out on the west coast.

That's not to say the west coast guys couldn't organize something totally on their own.
It could be a smaller more informal weekend gathering.


I think it is a good idea but I also agree with Burly that it is a lot of work. So, if it were to happen, most of the work would probably have to be done by the community with little help from the cast.

On the other hand, I think colorex's idea is even better. Do it far enough south (say Florida) and it can be done in the middle of winter when the Flite Test crew wants to get away from the snow.


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um . . . Bitogre, I think that would still be "FT North" for Colorex ;)

. . . But who am I to wet-blanket a great idea -- MORE COMMUNITY DRIVEN FESTIVALS!!!!!


um . . . Bitogre, I think that would still be "FT North" for Colorex ;)

Oh, oops. :black_eyed: Yeah, I guess I assumed South USA when he was probably asking for South America.

. . . But who am I to wet-blanket a great idea -- MORE COMMUNITY DRIVEN FESTIVALS!!!!!

I agree. Maybe some day we can keep the cast really really busy by having a Flite Fest all over the world, each in a different location each month. :cool: Or is that asking too much? ;)


That is a little much. cant believe the amount of activity today. Hope to se how the poll turns out.


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Or California :)

I would love to see a FF west. I am also fully willing to help make this a reality.

Yeah, I was thinking further west as well like CA or AZ ;)

Would be great to have an event here in the southwest in the winter to let people from other parts of the country come share in our wonderful weather. I've been laughing at the last few episodes where the guys "went south to get away from the cold" but are still wearing hats, multiple layers and other cold weather gear....while I put on a second layer because it dipped into the low 70's for a few days :D

But I also doubt the FT crew would be interested in tackling it. They're still learning how to host FF locally - trying to do that on the other side of the country where they don't have as many contacts or resources would be a nightmare.

If anyone can pull one off out west I'd love to attend though!


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Nerdnic, being neighbors I would help make a CA even happen. It would have to be inland a bit to get the space.


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I've heard random chatter of them making a Western road trip in an RV at somepoint. I am hoping so, as I'm in Missouri, so I'm 12 hours from regular FF, but would be further than that for a FF California. I will say that I made it to FF 2014 so I guess I shouldn't complain.


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Speaking of a possible Flite Fest West, at one point I was considering going to Las Vegas and wondering if there was anyplace to fly. So I got on Google Earth and found a big flat patch of desert lake bed just south of Boulder City, Nevada shown below. The patch is about 4 miles long and 3300 feet wide at it's narrowest point. Best of all there's no plant life of any sort to contend with.



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I've been debating going to that lake bed to fly, but haven't found the time (45 min drive not *that* horrible). They had a F3K DLG contest this year in Feb. Its all hard flat dirt - Not sure how friendly it'd be for belly landers