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Flite Fest West?

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Not sure if this is the right place to put this.

If considering western locations consider in/near Reno, NV. Very well centrally located for the west, just a day's drive from most of the country west of the Rockies.
Lots of space out here too, there's this little yearly event that happens out here yearly where they burn this wooden dude. :eek: Tens of thousands of people attend that event, so this area can handle crowds.


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I hope California becomes a solid reality for a FliteFest West. I heard rumor of planning going on for one to be in California. Being in San Diego myself, I was hoping they'd do the Del Mar Fairgrounds (has a horse racing track that'd be great for flying) albeit an extremely expensive option.


Late March!

By all accounts, it's a solid reality, however; precise location is still TBA.

I got this Twitter reply straight from Austin after he talked about the FF17 East dates on the Vlog:




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Over the years i have looked at every way i can to get to flitefest but 5,000 miles round trip is a little too much with a trailer and some planes and stuff. I would drive pretty much anywhere in california, even a state over.


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Even if Flite Test doesn't ever have another dedicated event here in the west, it would be great if they would have a greater presence at events like the AMA Expo West where we could connect with them without having to cross half the nation.