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Flitetest interwiew with Anthony Hand and "CS"

You "CS" experiance with Hobby King

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I just watched the interview the guys at Flitetest did with Anthony Hand and I must say, What a cool layed- back guy. I think it was great that he could fly over from Hk (Honk King) and have a chat session with Josh,Josh and Chad.
I originally thought that the owner of Hobby King would be a China man since it is Honk Kong after all. (There's a lesson there somewhere). Anyway, After watching that video I got the impression that if I were at the field and this guy was there he'd probably offer up a great chat session on the Hobby we all so much love. I don't think if you were sitting in an internet cafe, Bill Gates would not be there let alone say hello. Point Being, what a cool dude.
One thing they mentioned was "customer service" over at Hobby King. I too much like the rest of use have had difficulties with their loose definition of "CS". I had a problem with a order I had that looked to be more of a malfunction in the stock script or what ever. Anyhow, I had called and contacted CS nine times over a two week period.
For the most part I kept getting the same Rep. and none of them were very help full. I knew that if the would just looked into the problem they would see the discrepancies. No help.... Then Finally the very last call I made connected me with someone who cared about their job or what they do somewhat. Problem fixed in less than five minutes. That problem was holding up my order for the rest of my electronics for my HK450 and not to mention my 9xr ,which I absolutely love. So needless to say I was adamant about getting that issue resolved. After the help my order was shipped the next day. So a special thanks to that last customer service rep. Thank You http://forum.flitetest.com/images/icons/icon14.png

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I wish we could all just get that reps direct extension lol. Then we might not trash their customer service so much.


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I've been very lucky with hobbyking. I have never received a non-working aircraft part, even with easily over 1000 individual parts. I'm dreading the day that I have to contact customer service though..

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Once the US warehouse opened and started increasing their stock, I pretty much only order from them and my problems have nearly gone away. I stay away from the international warehouse as much as possible.

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If the US warehouse gets more hardware stuff like hinges and connector parts, I'll probably never order from the international warehouse again. Best part, my stuff shows up in a week instead of 8 weeks.


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I have to say CS has been a million times better of late. The policy that was used for batteries, where you just had to show a photo of the fault (dead cells used to happen occasionally) seems to have spread to more expensive products. With the OrangeRx DSM2 module, there was an issue with the first batch. Hobbyking sent out new modules to everyone who bought one of the first batch. I was happy. And now I've just had a refund issued for a faulty AIOP board that didn't have a voltage regulator grounded. All I had to do was explain the problem and send a couple of photos showing the issue. This sort of CS will really put the pressure on HK to get QC right before releasing products, but will ultimately lead to better products AND service.

I reckon Anthony is about half way to building a top notch business.

EDIT: got refunded this morning for my OpenLRS module. I don't mind being refunded in bonus points, as the whole idea is to replace the item with a new one. Many shops nowdays only offer exchange or store credit here in Aus.
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I've had a few support cases with HK and never had any problems getting refunded for bad items or any such. Only the odd "dud" reply to keep an issue "answered" during high load. Perhaps I'm lucky.

Int'l warehouse is much better to order from for europeans, as the parcels go by air quite quickly once HK Post decides to send them off. Not to mention three extra warehouses (two usable for non brits).
Nope all my HobbyKing "workarounds" are established. Almost anything i will need can be resourced elsewhere. Not a huge fan of the US warehouse either, on a great many items the markup over international pricing is way outta wack considering it was shipped in bulk...why am i paying what at times seems like full shipping cost in the markup plus shipping yet again to my front door? If i do have to go hk especially if bulk items, shipping from international still seems to be the most cost effective. Thats another thing....hk shipping. More than once i have ordered monday a product in stock only to see it sit unpacked till thursday or friday and then not shipped till the following monday....needless to say payimg for expedited shipping through hobbyking is folly.


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I love HobbyKing, because of them my desire to fly is being satisfied. I could never have gotten started if I had to get a $250 plane just to start with.

I've had 10 - 15 something orders, never had a defective item - Although I have contacted customer support quite often to get free stuff added to my orders :D
I've order a bit from them as well and I am great full to have HK to turn too. I've never had a defective product from them either. The only problem with merchandise I've had is my 9xr's display. it has two lines on the screen. one at the top and one in the middle. on vertical one horizontal. Its not enough for me to call and complain about. It took to long to get here and I'm not about to send it back.
Just to clear up HK is my favorite hobby store.