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Flysky+Torrent 110?

Jason of Gaming

Gravity is heartless...
Hey guys, I got a QX90 since it was the cheapest tiny whoop i could find. While it was incredibly fun, i was disappointed with its durability. I wanted something with a bit more power, and a much better frame. The thing is, i only own a flysky TX. The only place I could find a FS version (http://www.rc-drones.com/Blade-Torrent-110-FPV-Drone-FLYSKY-BNF-Basic-wFS-A8S-8ch-24G-RX_p_1739.html) says that the product is unavailable, yet i found an entire forum thread (not FT) full of people ordering from there. I dont really trust my ability to change out the receiver either. Any Ideas? If you have any powerful FS tiny whoop recommendations I would definitely check them out, although i kinda like being able to put it on 3s for acro in my backyard without worrying about breaking stuff and 2s for indoor. My last resort is just getting a piko owl v2, but it seems a bit larger and i like the look of the torrent. the filament on the piko also looks a little bit brittle. (https://flexrc.com/product/pico-owl-v2-diy-kit/?wpam_id=26) Any and all help appreciated! (I also would rather not get too expensive and i'm definitely not getting another TX.)
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