1. R

    hot glue connectors in receiver

    my connector's become loose in my receiver how can I glue them or tighten them?:confused:
  2. S

    Help! Throttle Not Accurately Tracking

    Hello, I am having this issue where my throttle in iNavFlight and my blackbox is not tracking properly. The throttle in the blackbox (RC Command) is tracking lower than what the reciever tab is recieving in iNav reciever tab. Originally iNavFlight recieved a range of 987-2011, i applied a 98%...
  3. W

    Help! transmitter wont flash my reciever

    hey there, i just recieved my new reciever a frsky xm+ and it has the wrong software on it so i wanted to update it using my turnigy 9xr pro on wich im running open tx 2.3.9 but when i go to my sd card i dont get the option flash to external device. i tried updating my bootloader (wich is now...
  4. C

    Quanum V52 GCS

    Any recommendations for transmitter module/receiver combos that would work with: and have a PPM output suitable for inputting into a PixHawk?
  5. A

    Help! Quadcopter receiver to flight controller set up

    Hey, So I'm planning to use a FrSky R9 slim receiver with the mRo pixahawk flight controller. I'm having trouble putting it all together, I'm not planning to use any telemetry radio through it, but connecting the SBUS to it is very confusing. I'm assuming VCC, S.bus out, and ground connect to...
  6. IcedStorm777

    For sale and trade, GOOD DEALS! Receivers, motors, props, servos, gimmicks, and more.

    Sooo i have been loving building planes lately but have a particular batch of electronics that i haven't been able to use. These are all UMX things. So here is what i am offering. I have 4 receivers, two motors, a few servos and a few props. I am willing to trade these for planes, parts, FPV...
  7. T

    How do I connect my esc to my frsky x4r reciever

    Where do I solder the wires on my esc to my connecter for the receiver... See image:
  8. ShrimpRex

    Solved Receiver compatibility

    So I am thinking of building an FT Bushwacker, but I lack the receiver (among other things). The transmitter I use is a Spektrum DXe. I found a Spektrum AR400 4-ch reciever on eBay for ~30$ which I though was quite expensive. My friend later pointed out a 7-ch 3rd party receiver on gearbest for...
  9. HobCoil

    Connecting a flysky reciever with furibee x215 pro

    Hello, my name is Griffin and I am relatively new to the fpv scene. recently I purchased a Furibee x215 pro and need to replace the current RX(a frsky xm+) with a flysky compatible one, I just have a few questions. -Is this new RX compatible with the FC...
  10. Cookieman10101

    DSM2 Sat Rx No longer listens to input

    So i have a micro racing quad, the kingkong 95gt. i LOVE this thing, fly it all the time. However i recently took a pretty hard landing because i hit a branch, probably hit the ground 6 feet from the air. When it came back into the air i had no control input and tried to disarm but it kept going...
  11. J

    Flysky+Torrent 110?

    Hey guys, I got a QX90 since it was the cheapest tiny whoop i could find. While it was incredibly fun, i was disappointed with its durability. I wanted something with a bit more power, and a much better frame. The thing is, i only own a flysky TX. The only place I could find a FS version...
  12. M

    Transmitter and Reciever Considerations/FPV tx/rx

    In general, what model RC tx/rx does someone recomend? Do you really need alot of channels? What do you look for? I am kind of amazed of how much selection you have out there, not too sure what I really need in a transmitter/reciever. I want to do Long range FPV I also am looking into the...
  13. agentkbl


    so i heve never flown an rc airplane before, but i have flown a real airplane before. (cessna skyhawk 172 call tag 56r) i am planning to get the ft arrow to learn on, with a dx-6 transmitter and a pack for power. what kind of reciever do i want to use? is there a size or weight issue with using...
  14. S

    Hovership 3dFly & Spektrum Tx

    Hi All, I just got my first drone kit, a 3d Fly Hovership kit with Spektrum DX5e transmitter. I can't seem to get the Transmitter synced with the Receiver, anyone have have any advice? The kit comes with a lemon RX, and everything is supposed to be pre-programmed out of the box. The lemon...
  15. F

    Lemon rx reciever stops responding entirely?

    Hey guys! I've been building a quadcopter using the Electrohub frame and the electronics package from RTF quads. I followed the build video step for step and I got everything together yesterday, and did a test on the quad (which worked, yay!) The next day, I was flying outside my house in a...
  16. K

    Motor works but not the servo's

    Hi there, I am new to RC flying so I hope someone can help. I built a Balsa Fokker Dr1 and set it up for 4 channel. Initially, everything worked fine. Now I have a plethora of problems and a spent budget. All parts are new etc. Apologies if some of this stuff is in the wrong thread. I have been...
  17. D

    fpv screen recommendations ??

    Hello me and my friend have a quad copter and have been filming with it for a while and now we want to get a fpv screen s does anyone have any successions for a good and cheep screen with built in receiver ?????
  18. R

    Help needed with parts for FT Versa Wing

    Hey guys, I am extremely new to the hobby, and looking to build my first rc plane next month! I am currently looking at building the FT Versa wing, and making it the "pusher style". I am really looking for help out rigging this plane with a powerful, yet manageable motor and power system. I...