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  1. T

    How do I connect my esc to my frsky x4r reciever

    Where do I solder the wires on my esc to my connecter for the receiver... See image:
  2. ShrimpRex

    Solved Receiver compatibility

    So I am thinking of building an FT Bushwacker, but I lack the receiver (among other things). The transmitter I use is a Spektrum DXe. I found a Spektrum AR400 4-ch reciever on eBay for ~30$ which I though was quite expensive. My friend later pointed out a 7-ch 3rd party receiver on gearbest for...
  3. HobCoil

    Connecting a flysky reciever with furibee x215 pro

    Hello, my name is Griffin and I am relatively new to the fpv scene. recently I purchased a Furibee x215 pro and need to replace the current RX(a frsky xm+) with a flysky compatible one, I just have a few questions. -Is this new RX compatible with the FC...
  4. Cookieman10101

    DSM2 Sat Rx No longer listens to input

    So i have a micro racing quad, the kingkong 95gt. i LOVE this thing, fly it all the time. However i recently took a pretty hard landing because i hit a branch, probably hit the ground 6 feet from the air. When it came back into the air i had no control input and tried to disarm but it kept going...
  5. J

    Flysky+Torrent 110?

    Hey guys, I got a QX90 since it was the cheapest tiny whoop i could find. While it was incredibly fun, i was disappointed with its durability. I wanted something with a bit more power, and a much better frame. The thing is, i only own a flysky TX. The only place I could find a FS version...
  6. M

    Transmitter and Reciever Considerations/FPV tx/rx

    In general, what model RC tx/rx does someone recomend? Do you really need alot of channels? What do you look for? I am kind of amazed of how much selection you have out there, not too sure what I really need in a transmitter/reciever. I want to do Long range FPV I also am looking into the...
  7. agentkbl


    so i heve never flown an rc airplane before, but i have flown a real airplane before. (cessna skyhawk 172 call tag 56r) i am planning to get the ft arrow to learn on, with a dx-6 transmitter and a pack for power. what kind of reciever do i want to use? is there a size or weight issue with using...
  8. S

    Hovership 3dFly & Spektrum Tx

    Hi All, I just got my first drone kit, a 3d Fly Hovership kit with Spektrum DX5e transmitter. I can't seem to get the Transmitter synced with the Receiver, anyone have have any advice? The kit comes with a lemon RX, and everything is supposed to be pre-programmed out of the box. The lemon...
  9. F

    Lemon rx reciever stops responding entirely?

    Hey guys! I've been building a quadcopter using the Electrohub frame and the electronics package from RTF quads. I followed the build video step for step and I got everything together yesterday, and did a test on the quad (which worked, yay!) The next day, I was flying outside my house in a...
  10. K

    Motor works but not the servo's

    Hi there, I am new to RC flying so I hope someone can help. I built a Balsa Fokker Dr1 and set it up for 4 channel. Initially, everything worked fine. Now I have a plethora of problems and a spent budget. All parts are new etc. Apologies if some of this stuff is in the wrong thread. I have been...
  11. D

    fpv screen recommendations ??

    Hello me and my friend have a quad copter and have been filming with it for a while and now we want to get a fpv screen s does anyone have any successions for a good and cheep screen with built in receiver ?????
  12. R

    Help needed with parts for FT Versa Wing

    Hey guys, I am extremely new to the hobby, and looking to build my first rc plane next month! I am currently looking at building the FT Versa wing, and making it the "pusher style". I am really looking for help out rigging this plane with a powerful, yet manageable motor and power system. I...