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Flyzone Albatros

surely im not the only one on here with one of these awesome little planes...

heres mine before its unfortunate crash that has set me on the custom course

will be re-built with guts from a Hobyzone Champ and a custom livery inspired by the country Belka from the Ace Combat series of games. heres what i came up with for the paint, i still need to see about having somone print some waterslide decals for me for the insignia and such...
here is how she sits currently. both wings were creased in the accident and the prop shaft dislocated. i used the top wing to test the paint and im pleased with the results, though i will be using primer on the replacements so i get even colours and no red bleed-through. my replacement wings, fuselage and tail feathers should be here next week :) you can also see the stock rx and motor on the left with the champ guts to the right

the final result will be properly masked and such, this was just a quick spray to get an idea of how the colours looked together
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