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Foamboard F6F Hellcat

Foamboard F6F Hellcat V1

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Well it flew so I painted it.
f6f final.jpg
F6F final1.jpg

Motor: 2835 GForce 1200kv
Battery: 2200 20C
Prop: 10X7
Weight: ????
CG: 2.5 inches, 63mm from the leading edge at the fuselage
Ailerons: lower edge of ailerons was even with the back of the wing (this produces lazy circles)

The first "flight" was off my bungee launcher and it reached an altitude of about 3 feet and glided well to the ground so it was time for a powered flight.

The second flight was short as I could not turn to the right so I came down and found my rudder was way off. I believe my transmitter didn't save the trim settings. I dialed in a little more aileron too. The third flight was $$ and it looked great flying.

With the above set-up performance is lackluster. I didn't try it but I doubt it would go vertical. Part of the problem is the 20C battery combined with such a large frontal area which induces a lot of drag. My Spitfire with the same set-up has good performance capable of moderately fast flight and some vertical (which works for me now). I'm thinking I'll soon be putting a 35XX on this pretty soon if it survives.

Videos to follow

@Niez13 thanks again for the plans and the inspiration - I look forward to more of your builds.
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