For Sale: Entry Level Fatshark FPV Goggles


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*SOLD* Entry Level Fatshark FPV Goggles

For sale:

Fatshark Teleporter V4 FPV goggles incuding carry case, RHCP antenna, 760 mAh Li-Po battery, wall outlet charging cable and unused cleaning cloth.

Asking $100 shipped. I will ship with UPS and PM or text tracking number.

Located in Port Saint Lucie, FL. Local pick-up welcome.






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Is there anything wrong with the goggles? (dents, cracks, scratches, etc., etc.) Thanks! Looks like you got an amazing price on those goggles! I will be sure to look into them.


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Bumping my thread. I still have these goggles. Make an offer!

I've been using them for ride-a-longs but would love to see someone get a deal and get in the air.


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Alright, first and foremost I need to apologize to everyone who tried to PM me and haggle. I did not have my PM notifications set to email me and I've been off doing other hobbies. So, I'm sorry.

Second, pay attention to the email you are responding to. A fellow messaged me saying he would like to have the goggles and he provided an email. I assumed the person was trying to buy the goggles when in fact he was responding to a link I sent to a post in the Kwad Share area.

I only realized my mistake after promising the goggles to this person. Since it was MY mistake and I believe this to be a younger person and they clearly had their hopes up I decided that the only thing to do is send the goggles anyway.

I the spirit of Flite Test I hope they serve him well and when he out grows them or moves on he passes the goggles on to the next person who needs them.