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  1. BS projects inc.

    Eflite Habu 2 70mm edf jet

    I have an Eflite Habu 2 that I picked up about a year ago and it's been collecting dust since then. The plane is in excellent condition with some minor cosmetic issues. I'll have some pictures of it posted tonight for those who are interested. Price is at $140 plus shipping but I am also...
  2. IcedStorm777

    For sale and trade, GOOD DEALS! Receivers, motors, props, servos, gimmicks, and more.

    Sooo i have been loving building planes lately but have a particular batch of electronics that i haven't been able to use. These are all UMX things. So here is what i am offering. I have 4 receivers, two motors, a few servos and a few props. I am willing to trade these for planes, parts, FPV...
  3. kimballgoss

    Selling - Aluminum Power Pods and firewall (custom made)

    Flite Test Aluminum Power Pods and Firewall (custom made) Did a test run seeing if I could make my own aluminum flite test parts at the metal fab shop I work at, I made a few but it's been a few years now so I don't need them anymore. There's 4 pods and 1 firewall. They are all made from...
  4. kimballgoss

    Selling - READY MADE RC FPV STARTER KIT - almost new

    Ready made RC FPV kit- Lightly used- bought around 2014-. Condition is Used. I bought it about 5 years ago when I was just getting into fpv, I've since grown out of it and thought I might be useful to someone else getting into fpv. It's lightly used, it's only been setup maybe 15 times, all...
  5. OGnapkin

    RC Freewing Rebel 70 V2 EDF jet $130

    Jet in pristine condition, reinforced wings with tape. I am selling the jet without batteries or a receiver. It has a 70mm EDF unit and is a joy to fly. very stable and fast. I am only selling because I have no more room and want other planes. I live on long island. message me in you are near me.
  6. FTNoob18


  7. J

    Offer FT Gremlin for sale

    1x Built TJ Complete Gremlin Kit (with Turtle Mode and new camera, needs at least one new motor) 1x FrSky XM+...
  8. C

    6" HYPERLITE FLOSS V2 for sale will ship

    Fully built up, needs a new 4in1 esc. Gets around 11 minute fly time having fun not just cruising on a 1300 mah 4s lipo. 7 minutes with a session attached. Close to 20 minutes with a 2200 mah 4s lipo. It's a long range machine for sure! It's flown over the mountains in Wyoming, Colorado, and...
  9. N

    Flite Fest South 2017 For Sale/Trade Bazzar.

    Let's kick this off. I have a few things collecting dust I'd love to see someone make use of. For organization sake, please list For Sale or Trade (FS/T) item with a price or item you are looking to trade for. Feel free to list items you are looking for as a Wanting to Buy (WTB). FS...
  10. HilldaFlyer

    Horizon Blade 350QX - Complete package $450

    SOLD THROUGH PM Hi everyone... Selling my Horizon Blade 350QX. I will be at FFE 2017 next week. If interested... post on thread and we'll meet up. First post gets priority. Package includes: Horizon Blade 350QX (was $469 new) reviewed by David. GB 200 2 axis brushless camera gimbal (valued at...
  11. KMechie

    For Sale: SunnySky X2212-13 980KV & VeloTech 30A ESC

    Looking to sell four motors and four ESCs. Would be great for someone looking to build a larger quad, multi-engine fixed wing, a bunch of single-engine fixed wings, or some really crazy desk fans. Motors are: SunnySky X2212-13 980KV
  12. N

    For Sale: Entry Level Fatshark FPV Goggles

    *SOLD* Entry Level Fatshark FPV Goggles For sale: Fatshark Teleporter V4 FPV goggles incuding carry case, RHCP antenna, 760 mAh Li-Po battery, wall outlet charging cable and unused cleaning cloth. Asking $100 shipped. I will ship with UPS and PM or text tracking number. Located in Port...
  13. A

    Graupner MZ-18 - MZ-12 - and recievers for sale

    Graupner GR-24L - $55 shipped
  14. DharanFlyer

    VersaCopter, Power Pack, & Flight Controller

    Have a VersaCopter kit that hasn't been started with the racing Power Pack E and a rev6 Naze32. I will ship as at cost. My zip code is 60586 to calculate your shipping or if you within driving range of there I will drive it to you, you can pick up, or I'll meet you in the middle. I'd like...
  15. W

    Tiny Whoop Commissions!

    I am, as you can see by the title, doing Tiny Whoop commissions! If you do not want to spend the time, have the skills, or for whatever reason want to build one yourself, I am here for you! What is a Tiny Whoop? A Tiny Whoop is a BLADE Inductrix, with a FPV setup. These things are a blast to...
  16. captron360

    P-40C Tomahawk 4 stroke magnum xl motor

    I have a P-40 Tomahawk that I purchased but never flew it. I was told that it has never been flown. It was built by a very good builder and it looks great. I purchased it with the hopes that some day I would be able to fly it. I am staying with electrics and have no interest in gas or glow.
  17. B

    For Trade or Sale: Hubsan H107L Accessories

    Anyone flying the Hubsan H107L micro quad? I got some replacement lights, landing pads, and a prop protector that have never been used. I also have a prop removal tool that is very useful for changing out props. I might also have a replacement motor. I would be willing to sell or trade them. I...
  18. C

    RTF Blade 350QX3 w/ Fatshark FPV $450 Shipped

    9/16 PRICE REDUCED! Blade 350QX3 w/ Fatshark FPV $350 Shipped This is a like new RTF Blade 350QX3 with the Fatshark Teleporter V3 system. THIS COMES WITH EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO FLY FPV OUT OF THE BOX $350 SHIPPED PayPal This does NOT come with the GoPro, but I can throw in the GoPro Hero 3+...
  19. E

    ARTF Folding quadcopter

    PICTURES AVALIBLE AT THIS PAGE Custom Built ARTF Quadcopter Naza Control board (GPS NOT included) 20 amp escs 1000kv motors Folding design for storage and transport Complete setup...
  20. S

    HK X550 & HK Spec FPV250 FOR SALE

    I have two quadcopters for sale. Both are practically new. Selling because I have another 250 that I fly a lot more often than these. The HobbyKing Spec FPV250 is RTF and a fairly clean frame. It flys ok, but I prefer the Naze32 board over kk, so I would recommend picking one up with it. The...