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Forex Foam Board

Hi guys

Anyone used Forex Foam Board to build foamies?


I am in South Africa, and this is the closest I can get to depron, but this is a laminated product used to do signs for shops etc. Comes in 3mm, 5mm , and 8mm sheets 2030mm wide by 3050mm long.

I want to give it a try, but it works out about $18 per square meter, which is a bit expensive for me.




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That's the good stuff. It's essentially depron. Laminated is good as it allows the paper to be used as a hinge and adds heaps of strength. Non-laminated depron (meat tray foam) is very brittle.

I'd keep looking around, as foam board or foam core is commonly used to mount photos and prints as well as posters.
Great thanks, don't want to go spend money on something I am not sure won't work. The problem here in South Africa is that our houses are built with bricks with no insulation at all, so our hardware stores don't really stock any kind of foam board etc. So we always hve to go to the extreme to search for suitable material.

I am currently using ISO Board, which is XPS foam, but it comes in 50 mm thick sheets that I still have to cut down to 6mm sheets. And that takes time as I have built my own hotwire cutter, but it take sme about 8 minutes to cut a sheet of 1200 mm x 600mm, and believe me it's not fun, and you never end up with a board that is the same thickness all the way.

Thanks for the reply.
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Hey arno

Im also from South Africa. Have you found any thing like readi foam board in SA.
Wow its really hard to find anything.



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I don't know if it helps, but another source of foamboard is craft stores or any stores that do framing, as they should have some for matting.
Falcon SA have FoamX. That's what I use. Paper on both sides & good strong foam in the middle.
I use the 5mm thickness & is perfect for hot glue & any scratchbuild

You can also try maizies plastics


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I have a peice of FOREX board in my hand and it is heavy. It seems to be solid pvc. I tried to get it localy from a company called Falcon. Their website is www.falconsa.com. They suggest a product called KAPA-plast. I am waiting for a sample to come today. Its a polyurethane foam core covered with a thin plastic coat. A 2440 x 1220mm board costs R155 per sqr mtr. Hope it works! Foam board is so difficult to get is South Africa (Limpopo).
They also supply FoamX at a lot cheaper ... will get a sample sent :)
I ordered some foamboard from Dollar Tree through a friend. Will only get it in September when they come over.

Anyone else found a supplier who has in South Africa?