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Fowl Flyer


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In this episode of Flite Test, Josh, Josh and David have a holiday project for us! This is one lucky Thanksgiving Day turkey, who will be enjoying his last flight! Watch this episode to see how it turns out!



Crazy flyer/crasher :D

Thanksgiving for thanking fast food chains! :D:D:D Totally agree! :D:D

Absolutely love the pilot of the plane and how well it managed even in its afterlife to handle such a flight! :D LOL

Well done episode espcecially because it flew a bit more then a brixler :D


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I like the plane. I don't like idea about corpse of the turkey. I'm not a vegan, not even a vegetarian, but when I'm eating a meat of other creature - I'm always thinking that this creature gave it's life so I can feed myself and I should be thankful for that. So playing like this with a dead animal doesn't appeal to me - it's un-humanitarian, and (even if I'm not really very religious) - un-christian to me. I think you are balancing on a very thin line here - line between a good and bad taste.

I don't like this episode and it made me feeling sorry about this turkey. :(
Then you would not like what the jet engine makers do with dead birds to make sure you are safe when flying in a modern passenger jet. They really do not want anyone to end up in the Hudson River. A dead bird is a dead bird.


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I know what they do, but at least it has some higher purpose (saving lives)... I don't think entertainment is such a purpose, especially when FT episodes are very entertaining without dead animals :]


If it's RC I can crash it
Loved the episode. I think it was nice they let a turkey fly. All the rest of the turkeys at the store are just sitting getting freezer burn.
Josh S. what does that tattoo say on your forearm? Will not ___ Will not ___ Cause I Care ____ Of Jesus.
"I will not be shaken, I will not be moved cause I carry the name of Jesus" ...it's a song we sing at my church, based off of Phil. 2:9-10 and Luke 10:17. It's become something of an anthem in our church and especially in our youth/young adult ministry after a friend of mine - who served in the ministry and was a fan of the song - was shot and killed a couple months ago. He lived - and died - exactly by what the song (and the scriptures) say. And he has since inspired the rest of the church to do the same :)