FPV Channel Management

My friends and I are coming to flitefest and very excited to do some fpv flying, but concerned about getting knocked out of the sky while fpving from other people using the same channel as us.

Is there any type of safeguards / channel management put in place?

How did it go last year?

Thank you!


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Channel management last year was via a control at the launch point. There were 4 stations -- two pilots stations, two "ready" stations to take their place. If you weren't in a station, you had no business having your VTX on. Even so, those in the box are still supposed to check their channel is clear via their the goggles before they plug-in.

IIRC it was busy, but not much of a wait.

That being said . . . we don't have an FCC van on order, nor will there be any frequency police sniffing for video up and down the tents. we all agree to the rules, but if someone wants to power on blindly, there's not much except education we can do to prevent it. If someone is broadcasting the inside of their tent, we may go looking for them to clear the channel (and save their battery and embarrassment) but we can't lock them out.

Overall most of those shot down were via control, not video, and in particular around an old pump on the far north west corner. A honey trap it was! "let's go look" . . . and down they'd go :p
lol dang! Will there be additional stations for those using LHCP antennas this year? Theoretically you could have 7 stations.
RHCP on 1, 3, 5, 7
LHCP on 2, 4, 6


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Dunno. Not sure who's managing the FPV line this year, and it would depend on the number of people waiting to fly, and their willingness/ability to pack the band. One guy managing 4 stations is a pretty busy gig.

That and your 1-7 doesn't necessarily line up with my 1-8, or my 1-32 line up with someone else's 1-32. There's a tremendous amount of overlap and different numbering between channels, bands and brands. I'd *HIGHLY* recommend, if you want to FPV at a big event, learn your channel's freqs (or have a chart for your gear handy) and track who's flying not by channel number, but by operating frequency.


ok this is fascinating to realize that for fpv channel managment is exactly like 72 mhz channel managment at an event. And your analogy of finding a set of FPV gear on in a trailer reminds me of a device called an ELT in full scale aircraft that can accidently be tripped, or turned on in a bumpy landing and require a visit from someone like Civil Air Patrol to turn off the offending beacon. Anyway I learned some thing today..


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No sense throwing away decades of hard-learned lessons :)

I don't seen an Impound happening (just all the wrong vibe for FT) but Board and Stations? ABSOLUTLY!

At least sometimes the video signal inside the tent (it happens) gives some clues to locate the poor abused battery -- "hmmmm . . . so who has a light green tent?" Visual cues can make all the difference in the world . . . or at least narrow it down to half the pilots instead of all of them.


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Since Im on flight line and love FPV ive got an idea of something to do that I have to ok with Flying Cirkus that may help us all out. Stay tuned for more info!


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I am coordinating the volunteers this year to manage FPV frequencies. Here is the plan however if you have a good idea before we get setup we may change things.

1. Setup a Frequency Control Station - Here you will come for permission to fly FPV. You will enter a queue if the channels are full and will be given a set amount of time 15-20 minutes to use that frequency.

2. Setup a FPV Pilot Area - One of the biggest problems we have had at other large events is that the person with the FPV frequency is done but does not come back the Frequency control to actively confirm that. To combat this issue we would like to set up an area for you to fly from if you are flying FPV.

3. Designate a take off / landing area as well as no fly zone around pilots. - With the experience from running MultiGP races we have determined that proximity of a broadcasting FPV source is the number one cause of interference. Keeping the pilots at least 40 feet away from and FPV signal reduces interference.

4. Controlling Frequency for racing - Right now the plan is to host races once per day. During this time we will need complete control of all FPV frequency. With an organized plan and enough help we should be able to move the races along at a good pace providing entertainment for the pilots and the spectators.

I look forward to seeing everyone at FF and talking about FPV racing.

-Chris Thomas


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Chris, Thanks for stepping up with this. You might want to touch base with Stone Blue Airlines because I think Jerimiah is planning on doing some FPV rides and what not.


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Here is a list of the frequencies used by Fat shark/Immersion RC 5.8VTxs.

And for anyone who flies 900MHz like me, the VTXs sold by RMRC brodcast on 910MHz
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