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FPV compatibility

does anyone know if a eachine rc840 5.8Ghz fpv receiver is compatible with a ImmersionRC 200 or 600mW 5.8GHz AV Transmitter? I already use the receiver with a tiny AIO camera but it has only 25mW. I hope to increase my range drastically with a new fpv transmitter (I want to use it on my mini arrow and to-be-built racequad)


Wake up! Time to fly!
Just remember if you will be flying with other people at all 200mw is max power so you don't crush everyone near you. Kinda why I like the new Lumenier TX5GA with the vaiable power settings. It has 32 channels for the popular recievers including race band and so far I have only flown it on 25mw setting and it has out performed any 200mw tx I have used so far with the aomway antennas.