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FPV TEK SUMO 2.0 High speed mountain flyer


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Hey everyone I am just finishing up the build on my second FPV TEK SUMO. My first one is lost in the wilderness, I miss it...
I live in the mountains so I build for mountain flying. In my mind that means more weight, more power for high wing loading to deal with gusts and wind, and a stability system.
my power setup is:
1400kv 35-30 outrunner
40a Kforce ESC
2X2200mah 3S batteries

My last plane had a 35-36 outrunner which gave it better that 1 to 1 thrust and a top speed in the 80s mph with an 18 to 25 min flight time. I opted for the 35-30 because it was a lot lighter I stuggled to get enough weight forward with my lat model, and it seemed to have a similar output. In practice with test run ups it doesn't seem to have the same power, though it could be do to lost efficiency because I also moved the motor mount further forward.

For control I am using the following:
2X T Pro MG90 metal gear servos.
FY-21AP stability system and autopilot.
Corona RP8D1 72mhz receiver. I had one on these on my last plane and they are awsome! I fly at 9000ft with no hitches at all.)

I use 72mhz for fpv and leave my dx7 for normal planes. 72mhz is awesomely reliable, anyone who is serious about medium to long range fpv should really consider it.
I had a fp-20 on my last plane that I bought on a deal off rcgroups and was blown away at how well it worked. I stepped up the model to add return to home as a fail safe. I fly in conditions that I would never consider without it.

for video I went all ImmersionRC I really like their stuff, it works as advertised without alot of mucking around I have a lawmate setup as well but I have really found ImmersionRC more reliable.
My setup is as follows:
Seawolf 690TVL Pixim Camera 12V
ImmersionRC 2.4ghz 500mw transmitter
ImmersionRC EZOSD (I had a OSD on my last plane which I loved but I was no the best choice for a wing because eveything plugs in vertically so its too thick for a wing, also I wanted Itelemetry for another failsafe.)

I built this plane to be enclosed, protected and streamline. The rc reciever and vidoe transmitter are in each wing tip. I cut into the end up the wings and made it you you could take off the vertical stabilizers with screws to access them. This worked out much better than I hoped.

The EZOSD power sensor also doubles as a great power conditioner. The only thing that isn't sorted out is the power for the camera. Right now I have it powered directly off the battery because the step up I use is on backorder. When I get that I will be able to fit the power in the center so when I add a flap it will be completely streamline.

I used twisted wires on everything. To bring the controls from the tip of the wing where the receive, is to the center I used a section of parallel cable. These are awsome because they are completely shielded and compact for how many lines it has. I built out all 9 channels so i can ad other functionality in the future without building a whole new line.

I kept power and control on one wing and video on the other so everything id separated and balanced. Also the power and video lines are separated on the video wing. this is one think I don't agree with for the ImmersionRC stuff they use this 5 plug ribbon cable that has the power right next to the video. I break it our into two twisted wires do the video and power can take separate paths.

I built a holder for the camera so it can me removable if I want to replace it with a gopro.
2200 mah batteries are big for the frame so to make them flush I cut completely through and reinforce the whole plane with a sheet of EPP foam. This makes it good, tough and ridged.

Love to hear comments and suggestions. pics are below.
IMG_0155.jpg IMG_0150.jpg IMG_0151.jpg IMG_0152.jpg IMG_0153.jpg IMG_0154.jpg


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This is no longer a Tek Sumo. I think it is closer to a Tech Godzilla.
I want to see this thing fly. Keep us updated please!
What does your wing weigh now and what kind of thrust are you getting?
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It weighs 24oz without batteries 2.5 pounds with batteries. Thrust is harder to measure without landing gear. If I had to guess I would say 2.2lbs or something. All that weight ant trust hepls when flying in gusty conditions. It doesn't quite hold itself up. I have an 8X6 prop on it right now. I still need to test an 8X7 and 8X8. With the 35-36 I had to hold it down. I think the biggest thing might be airflow though.

The TEKSUMO is a great platform, Its bigger than the ms swift but still not huge.
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Thanks for the praise :) I highly recommend this platform. It is crazy flexible. You can build it light and be able to fly it slow enough to catch it. Or load it down and turn it into an animal. Just watch the cg, though the fy-20/fy-21/fy-30 makes that a non issue.


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Almost done!

Here are some more pictures, I am about finished.

I removed the stock Deans connection to remove the bulk and add reliability . I cut out a notch so all components fit snuggly in the center. I added a flap the the center, all that is left is adding velcro ot close the whole thing up.

I also included a picture of the side with the RX so you can see how I made the stabilizers removable.
IMG_0175.JPG IMG_0174.JPG IMG_0172.JPG IMG_0178.JPG


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Oh my god! You´re turning this into a right trappy like beast!!!

Awesome, can´t wait for at all (!!!) to see it fly. For that weight, it must be pretty stable which is good for your means. So good thinking and good work!


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Stability was totally my goal. I plan on flying it this weekend. I don't have on board recording at this point(lost that with my last plane :( ). But I will have some vids of the testing from my ground station. Thanks for the props!


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Here is the first video of testing. Right now it is really tail heavy because I trashed my Pixim camera with an ill placed puddle, also I switched to acrylic vertical stabilizers which weigh more.
They are more slick and strong than to original ones though. I need to see how the plane balances when I add the Gopro.
Also having some video issues. I need to add cooling vents, try different channels, and replace all the carbon and that should resolve that.

IMG_0197.JPG IMG_0196.JPG IMG_0195.JPG


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
At the end of the video it says [Directed by Enter your name here]


Anyway! Awesome wing. Seriously, especially the way you put in your batteries is very team blacksheep like which are very well known for fpv.


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At the end of the video it says [Directed by Enter your name here]


Anyway! Awesome wing. Seriously, especially the way you put in your batteries is very team blacksheep like which are very well known for fpv.
DOH! I thought I deleted all that out. :p Thanks though. It gave me ton's of data for tweaks.


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I was tired of breaking motor mounts so I finally got around to modding my folding prop for use as a pusher prop.
On these props you need to make a "block" to prevent the prop from over extending into the air frame under load. By design these props use their spinner to do this but that doesn't work when they are mounted backwards on a pusher plane.

To solve this I filled on both sides with 15 minute epoxy. I used tape to keep it nice and square with the frame. Put in more than you think you will need.
Let it dry over night then file it down to that you can just barely line the screw up.
At this point the blade should swing out and lock parallel with the frame. Make sure both sides lock in the same place.
If you over file, just add more epoxy and repeat. Epoxy bonds seamlessly with itself.
Make sure to balance the frame before adding the blades. Lightly sand the sides to get it to balance so you don't mess with the blade locking point.
Then add the blades and re-balance.
Note this only works with folding props that go to a 90 degree angle, like the United Hobbies props. I have an Aeronot propeller that this trick wont work with.

IMG_0207.JPG IMG_0208.JPG IMG_0209.JPG IMG_0210.JPG


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We just finished our Tek Sumo and I thought it was pretty awesome . . I look at this and the only thing that comes to mind is WOW!