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Ft 3d pics and vids


Junior Member
last week i took on building the FT3D , with no experience in scratch building.. finished the build today, and im waiting on the electonics that i ordered from Hobbyking. ( fyi im French so dont go grammar nazi on my a$$ ;) )
IMG_0331.JPG IMG_0411[1].jpg
I live in Quebec, canada , so it was harder for me to find the foam i needed, i found some at zellers overpriced at around 8$ a sheet, and then i found what i needed at 4 $ a peice at Wal-mart. altough similar, the foam happend to have a sort of cardboard sheet layers instead of a paper like coating , wich result in slighty heavyer material, but stronger hinges.Also the foamboard didn't have the same dimensions(22x28) as the dollar tree foamboard(20x30), so i had to rotate the wings to make them fit inside the sheet, and move the 4 spurs on a different location to make the whole thing fit in one sheet, but everyting worked out fine. IMG_0334.JPG
After printing out the plans , cutting the edges, scotch taping the whole thing together, and then finally cutting the shape forming a pattern, i layed my plans onto the sheet and pined them down with .. needles.
IMG_0335.JPG IMG_0339.JPG
after securing the patern on the foamboard, i then traced out every corners and lines, on the small parts like the elevator and rudder, i simply drew the whole part on the board, wich i then cut with a n11 exacto knife. IMG_0409.JPG
Ain't she pretty! glued everything together , i used a paint stick for the center peice holding the two wings together, worked like a charm, its slightly heavyer than balsa but will do just fine.

i will be posting more pictures of the build complete once i recive the electronics,Ive ordered a turnigy DST-1200/4x HXT900 9g/Turnigy 1300mAh 3s 30C( tell me what you think about my choice of electronics please ) i still need to find control horns and a firewall , cant wait to get this thing in the air!