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FT Delta Absurdly Nose Heavy?

Hey all,

I've been into RC for a bit now, but have just recently started building my own aircraft. I decided to try out the FT Delta before getting into regular wings, and it came together very nicely... However, the only way I can get it to balance out correctly is if the battery is mounted at the tail end of the fuse. Am I the only one that's run into this issue? I mean, I can add some lead to the back, but I'd rather not increase the weight if I don't have to.

For reference, my electronics setup is such:
2826-10 1400Kv Turnigy Aerodrive
30A HobbyKing ESC
TGY-i4X Receiver
500mAh/1000mAh 3s Turnigy LiPo
2x 9g Servos


Hostage Taker of Quads
2826-10 1400Kv Turnigy Aerodrive
30A HobbyKing ESC
I can't find a motor that exactly matches that . . . but if you mean this one:


Not an Aerodrive, but it is one thing . . . heavier. Twice as heavy. As is your ESC.

The motor spec'ed originally for the Delta was a 2730 motor, which weighs in about half that. Also, anything above a 10A ESC is overkill for the typical 2730's -- 30A is a bit big for the 2826, but not unbearably so.

To put that into perspective, you've got at least half the weight of your 3S 500mAh pack sitting in your motor than should be . . . way out on the very front . . . on a pretty small airframe.

That being said, as long as you hit your CG balance and you can deal with the higher wing loading(faster stall, flies heavier, floats less), then that motor should give you a bit more energetic flight than the typical FT Delta. Not bad, but definitely different.


Maneuvering With Purpose
Yup. That's how mine played out. Not ALL the way back because I'm about 1" forward CG. But yeah. The battery rides in the back.
Thanks for the quick answers, guys!
Yes, that is the motor I'm referring to. HobbyKing rated it for a 40A ESC, but, as it only draws 21A max, I figured a 30A would do just fine.
I just bought electronics that I figured would have the most range, so I could use them on a wider variety of planes... maybe I'll just get the CG right, fly this one 'til it dies, then upscale the plans?

Again, I really appreciate your help!


Hostage Taker of Quads
Sounds like a plan.

Beat up the Delta and when she's done, the parts should fit on a bigger airframe. The Spear might be a bit big (should work, but she'll be anemic) and the Arrow might be too small (plenty of power but a tight fit), but the Versa should be right in the sweet spot for that motor. Perhaps some kit-bash of the three?

Plenty of time to think about the next plane while you're getting the feel for elevons.

. . . and BTW, Welcome to the forum :)