FT Dragonfly - Powerpack questions.


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Hello FT.

I purchased the Dragonfly kit with the Pentacopter power pack, and I just received it. (Thanks a lot Danish customs).
My question is:
From the description on the power pack it should include 2 Emax motors with CW threaded shaft and 3 with CCW threaded shafts. The picture in the description shows 2 motors with black caps and 3 with red ones.

In the package I just received I only find motors with red caps, which tells me they are all CCW threaded.

Is there any possibility I can still use the motors? Would hate it if I have to send them back again. Took me 21 days to receive them in the first place.

Thanks in advance.


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Actually I think the red ones probably have CW threads. That is Clock Wise to tighten the nut which is a normal "right handed" thread.

Looking from at the front of the motor if it is supposed to spin CCW (normal prop rotation in RC) it should have a CW thread so the force on the prop tightens the nut

On the motors that are spinning CW (reverse prop rotation in RC) with CW threads the force on the prop will tend to loosen the nut.

For these at least you should replace the supplied nuts with nylock nuts - think they are M6 size but you should check - you should be able to get them at your local hardware store. If not you can get them from amazon.co.uk and other more local online places.

and use blue (medium strength) loctite 242 or similar if you want to be extra sure - don't use the red (high strength) kind as it's too strong and will make it very hard to undo the prop nuts.

and like Avaviel said, you need to check the nuts are tight before every flight.


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Nylock nuts work like a charm. It mean's you have to carry a wrench along for changing props after a crash, but it is well worth it.


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Thanks a lot guys. Really helped out. Guess i'll use the next couple of days to hunt down nylock nuts.
I bought the blue locktite to use for the motor mounts so i'll remember to use it on the lock nuts as well.


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Some loctite interacts with some plastics. Loctite is not needed with 5mm nylocs and may degrade the nylon insert.

Besides, if you fly you will break props and you won't want loctite on the prop nuts.

Some loctite also interacts with some props. If you use loctite keep it away from plastics or test it on the plastics you have to ensure the loctite won't become more of a problem than torque.