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FT Gremlin Programming Issue


Wake up! Time to fly!
The big theme on the new build seens to be stripping out aluminum stand offs. Next months order will be more of those and longer screws to get deeper into the posts. Maybe start using thread locker on the bottom sides to beef up the fine threads.
Ok you guys are awesome. I'm pretty sure you said the same about driver fixer above, sorry for making you repeat yourself. So I ran that, did get through a new firmware, betaflight now shows my transmitter inputs. They're all screwed up, but progress. I'm guessing the newer transmitters are easy to figure this part. I'll do some research on my end, but if you have any pointers since you guys rock....

Roll takes me 1528 to 1923, but on the left stick
Throttle 1064 to 1420
Pitch is my landing gear switch....
Right stick doesn't seem to do anything
None of my other switches do anything either.

This is an old DX6i, but worked fine last time I ran it with a fixed wing.



Eternal Student
I'm not familiar with that radio, but it seems that it is not outputting the channels in the correct order. You have the channel map set correctly in Betaflight. Is there a channel monitor on the radio that tells you what is being output? From that you can set up your channel mapping correctly. To get the sticks to register 1000-2000 you adjust the servo travel in the transmitter, and use subtrim to make sure the sticks output 1500 when centered.


Wake up! Time to fly!
I believe the magic number you need on travel adj is 147% to achieve 1000 to 2000 range on spectrum gear.

Centers are important too so get them as close to 1500 as you can. If the numbers are jumping more then 2 points + or - use the dead band feature to open up the center to cover that drift.

I set up my mode swith to have horzon mode in start position, acro mode in position 2 and acro mode + air mode on pisition 3.

Also set up arming on a switch to make things easier then stick arming.
Ahh, I was using Spektrum 2048, instead of the 1024. Guess my TX is old enough? Mapping seems right now withe the 1024. Got a few more things to check off, then I can maybe get this in the air.
Ok, hopefully last question, and maybe most embarrassing... I've got the props on, couple motors reversed, set the arm switch, got the centers and ranges fixed. The problem is, now ready to fly, nothing I do seems to get this thing off the ground. Motors don't spin at all no matter what I do. I charged my battery up to 100% and tried again, still nothing. I turn the arm switch on and get a few beeps, but still nothing.
Dude - thank you! I did all of those things, then tooled around on some of his other videos and somehow managed to figure it out. I did have my min_check values off, and still wasn't getting the arm switch to light up. I can't say I understand fully what I did, but managed to get it in the air for a few minutes. Now have to hopefully just reattach a solder joint on an ESC :D