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FT Mustang Master Series

FT Mustang Master Series 1.0


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Got started on my MS Mustang yesterday. This is going together better then the Spit did, mostly because I know what to expect, but some I think is a better build for some reason. Even though it goes together similar to some of the other warbirds, just seems to be a little more well planned and put together. The fuse has gone really well...

Got the tail feathers built, ready to tack those in, set up some control rods/servos. Then the intake and canopy, not much to the wing. Gonna put LG on it, belly landing is not really an option for a plane of this size to be dropping onto the intake. Not sure if I will go with a warbird or Reno Racer livery yet
Yea you might want to go with a larger higher pitch prop, something like an 11x6 or even more. 4s would be better all around for the low end and the top end but you could make it work for sure.
Super cool ! I'm sorta new I appreciate it ! Sorry for bugging but can I run a 40amp esc or go bigger like a 60 ?
Got the 'Stang all finished and ready for the maiden. It is a loosely close representation of the pic I posted previously

I think this is as good as it gets for one of my FB builds. It isnt perfect, it has some twists and wrinkles but its nothing that cant be trimmed out. The long nose makes for some battery placement head scratching.

I am using the Rimfire 3536 1200kv on 4s so with the motor way up front the battery ended up being almost right over the CG, actually a little behind. This balances at 20% of the wing chord at the root so it still might fly nose heavy. AUW came out to be just strong of 1200 grams so over all for the power i am putting to it with the 11x5.5 prop the maiden will tell the story. Stay tuned
Great looking plane!

Do you remember the dry weight?
Before attaching the wings and only having the two tail servos installed, including the tail surfaces was around 600 grams. So the rest is motor, ESC, receiver, landing gear, power pod, two more servos, control rods, glue, etc. Over all I am happy with the weight. Over 100 grams lighter then the Spitfire, that is due mostly to the wheels i was using.

This time it has a APC 11x5.5E prop over the Spit which had APC 10x5 Sport prop, so I am expecting better performance. Might be a little less in the control authority department just based on the defection then the Spit had but should be very warbird like.


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Yes, I'm really impressed with this build. You did a great job, love the paint scheme. I think you have the best possible prop and battery combo for this plane with the Rimfire 3536.

I may just have to build one too, I'll likely do something close to what I did on the FT. 7 P 51 1.JPG Maybe red instead of yellow to change it up.

So how did it fly compared to the Spitfire, any improvement with the 11 x 5.5 prop?

What Blue paint (and sheen) did you use? I used a Blue on my second ft mustang and it was too dark. Yours looks about right.