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FTFC - April Showers Challenge


Building Fool-Flying Noob
FTFC - April Showers Challenge
Simple - Build a Waterproof Plane and Fly in the Rain! (or on a waterbody)


Make a Build log that contains the following:
  • Plane name
  • plans link
  • statement of why you chose it
  • stats
  • build log - highlighting how your plane is waterproofed, tested, and any unique build techniques, plus a few general build pics.
  • maiden Video
  • Paint/Tape Job
  • Take-away - Feedback and advice to future builders.

Bonus point if it's new to FT/cutom

Mid-May (19th)

How to Enter - in scratchbuilder's corner add a thread Forum/General RC Topics/User Generated Challenges: FTFC: April Showers by [entrant], [plane name] Then reply Here with a link to the build-log.

Winner will Receive a full sized print set (PDF supplied by winner) and a "Winners" logo!

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Skill Collector
Yes!! I'm in!! :applause:

As long as it fits in the rule set, my plane will be an FT Simple Scout with floats painted up like my Baby Baron from the Gotha Gaggle a couple years back. Since Rasterize just released all those skins, they should be great inspiration for anyone else wanting to do a WW1 style build too :)


Building Fool-Flying Noob
The rules aren't even posted yet :p

Wow great!

I like the idea of a Jet on Floats! :p but I may just put together my Sea Duck... or will I waterproof and sink the LPL Flying Submarine... hmmm? I am Only picking one though!

Build-ruary has me worn out.

And this is my Last Flite Test Forum Challenge (FTFC) until FF East. I promise!



Well-known member
Oh no - not another great challenge! I am going to claim that it never rains here and there is no standing water within 500 miles so I can't enter :rolleyes:


Daniel Kezar

Ultimate Cheap Skate
awe... not the last until july! we need one every month! lol.

so i was thinking the sea duck as well but since i only have one motor and i already have the plans printed out bc of build-ruary, why not do the simple cub on floats? so i guess that's my entry. cant wait to see the rules! lol.

Daniel Kezar

Ultimate Cheap Skate
Oh no - not another great challenge! I am going to claim that it never rains here and there is no standing water within 500 miles so I can't enter :rolleyes:

:( maybe set up a sprinkler and fly through it? have someone try to knock you out of the air with he hose?


Toothpick glider kid
Also I really like the plane that you put in the title post, I might try and use my cad to double the size of it and make it run off of 2 power pack c's, I don't have 2 power pack A's any more :(

I am still undecided though, I might design another micro for this challenge, FT and I seem to be liking that idea!


WWII fanatic
WHAT another one!? you're CRAZY FoamyDM!
will I get extra points if I fly a white foamboard plane in the rain.....without minwax or tape?


Cardboard Boy
Welp, my canadair is already finished but otherwise I would have entered it!

Might make a seaplane for a friend but his flying skills aren't there yet and I need to build him a 109 already (what about that one 109 with floats?)