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FTFC19 Naboo Star Skiff designed by F106DeltaDart


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Hello Everyone, this will be my entry into this year's Fantasy Airplane Challenge.



The Naboo Ships in Star Wars have always been a tempation to build in RC for me. Sleek, aerodynamic, and generally having large wing surfaces. Padme's Naboo Star Skiff from Revenge of the Sith has always begged for an RC version, and just looks downright cool! I have 2 80mm fans free after a power system change in my Freewing F-14, so it's time to start planning the build! This will be a fairly large and unconventional build, around a 61" span or so. I am also planning the include retracts to give it that nice clean look in flight.

The first order of business was to get a good 3 view reference, and start planning out the component layout. My ever resourceful brother found out that the Skiff was in the background of a map in the new Battlefront 2, and in a few minutes, was able to extract the 3D model! The main challenge for the layout is going to be keeping a reasonable CG. I sketched a rough outline of the wing over the top, and calculated CG location for 25% MAC. Since roughly 80% of the model's structural weight will fall behind the CG, the EDFs and batteries will have to be placed as far forward as possible, and the "tail/cockpit" section kept as light as possible:



This is all just brainstorming at the moment, but hoping the get construction of the center section started soon. After this week, I'm headed back to TX after being with the family in MN for the holidays. After that, its full steam ahead!


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Thanks guys, and thanks for managing this awesome challenge Rockyboy! I hope I can get this ship to fly as nice as it looks. Did a few more views to look at the landing gear placement today. It looks strange from the side, with the mains being so far forward, but any farther aft, and it likely wouldn't rotate.
Gear Layout.JPG

Also messed around with looking at an airliner type double bogey main gear. I like how it looks, but the added complexity likely isn't worth it.

Doublebogey gear.JPG


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Good news and bad news.. I have the layers of foam glued together and plans bonded on to start cutting the center section. Bad news, I definitely won’t be making the contest deadline. Found out last week that I am being sent up to Yellowknife Canada for the next month or so to support cold weather testing of one of our aircraft. Its going to a great opportunity, and a cool trip, but I won’t be able to resume work on the Skiff until the end of Feb.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Gave you a like for the cool chance to get out tha house and go places. 🙁the frown is for not gonna be done in time.

Was / am really lookin forward to seeing this done.


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Just cause it won't meet the scoring deadline doesn't let you off the hook for having it ready pre-Flite Fest season :p

And good luck at Yellowknife. Beautiful area. Really really cold. :eek:


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Just cause it won't meet the scoring deadline doesn't let you off the hook for having it ready pre-Flite Fest season :p

And good luck at Yellowknife. Beautiful area. Really really cold. :eek:
Thanks Psy and Rockyboy! It will be fun for sure. Will have to have it operational by Flite Fest! On a side note photo out the window of the chopper yesterday. Just 3 more days or flying to get it up to Yellowknife!


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I am really disappointed to find this project uncompleted. This craft, like the Naboo J-type Diplomatic Barge, are the few StarWars craft that "should" be able to properly fly. Since both are essentially flying wings. Would love too see this completed.
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