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I won't be able to fly in this year or the next, but if I were able to, would you guys allow me to fly into your airstrip. I know legally that I can't fly into your field since it's a private field, but what do I have to do to get permission to land there for a day to visit "Flite Fest?"


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There was an RV-4 that landed last year that wasn't technically part of the event, but I'm sure the pilot had to ask Mr. Furey for permission first. I think that's the best place to start. See if you can get in contact with Mr. Furey.


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The RV-4 that visited wasn't his, he currently has an RV-7. I believe the RV-4 belonged to a friend who asked to land before the event.


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Unfortunately due to the size of the field and the sheer number of folks that attend, it is just not feasible to let folks fly in to the event. There are airfields nearby that you could fly to and someone in the community would more than likely be able to swing over and pick ya up!


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I am shire that there are a lot of people that would love to fly in but I don't think the feild has the space for full scale planes.


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It's a private airstrip for Mr. Austin, so in theory it should be fine for small aircraft, but people already got pretty nervous when a plane flew circles at low altitude this year. If I remember correctly Austin's dad knew the pilot and his son was attending Flite Fest :).