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Hey all, I’m getting back into RC after a long absence. I built and flew a lot of nitro planes back in the day. Here is a short list of some. Sturdy birdy, eaglet 50, scat cat, ugly stick 60, profile hots. Found flight test on YouTube , can’t get enough. I have zero experience with electric but going to build some foamy's for back yard flying. My youngest son (19) had a DJI spark drone and has interest in TC planes. SO I’m getting back into it so we can do something together. I couldn’t pass up a crashed but very repairable 1/4 scale cub at a swap meet last weekend. Had a almost complete kit with it that the fuselage was already built to replace the crashed one. I can fix the crashed one so not using the other fuselage. Also came with plans. Got it all for $20 couldn’t pass that up. So here I am, I’m in southern IN . love the flight test videos, I can appreciate the effort they put into there videos, as I also do some videography for a very popular Bow hunting web show.
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Welcome, friend, welcome! Some other members have expressed interest in petroleum powered planes. Post some pictures of what you're doing. Some of us here are all electric and foamboard all the way. Some others are simply new to the hobby. The newbies (myself included) generally have no clue about anything that wasn't learned on this forum, the FT youtube channel or their personal research didn't teach them.

Throw some cool stuff at us! Again. Welcome!