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Go Pro HD Hero 2 on Tricopter ala David Windestal


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Hey guys,
I know I have been very inactive in the past weeks but that is because I have had exams on thursday, yesterday, today and I still have one tomorrow, wednesday and Friday. So still loads of stress.

I still wanted to take the time to post my latest video.
I rushed through the editing and forgot to change some of the settings...
Anyway heres the video.
Btw.: I always like to here what I´ve done good and not so good to improve my video editing skills and video quality, so I am up for that.

At 2:16 there seems to be some kind of glitch and the last part is 1080p so why isn't it fullscreen?

Apart from that, nice video keep'em coming :)


How many letters do we ge
Is that your kite up the tree? Suits the lyrics ('flew away from reach').

Your tri seems vibe free, which is brilliant. Also very happy to watch a vid with the aircraft out of frame for a change!

The tri seems to drift back at times, cog spot on?

also a coldplay fan