Going to USAFA! Saying goodbye to the hobby for now, and a BIG Reveal!


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I also live in Colorado Springs. While I am not as outgoing as @jaredstrees, I am a veteran myself and if I can help, please reach out.

USAFA has several nice lakes btw. I am here in Colorado for the fishing. My job is just a perk. High country fishing is fantastic and there are lots of options here from 9,000 ft locally to 11,000 on the Western slope.

You may want to keep your radio at home, but DEFINITELY bring a light tackle fishing rod!
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I'd like to see several people get a piece of the arsenal, so name one power pack for now and I'll let you know if anything goes unclaimed.
Yeah, that makes total sense! I'd want the monster power pack since for my other project I'll need multiple motors (B-17 lol) but the other project will just need one motor (a monster P-47.) Me and my buddy @Fintail are going to be doing a monster P-38 and we were hoping to do another monster project to do formation flying with, but we weren't sure how to make the finances work, so this will actually help out a lot if I end up getting it.


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If you can't find a home for the rustler, I am interested, although I have already claimed a few items so I understand if you want to find someone else for it.


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Stupid of me for not noticing the shipping. Sorry about that! Well if it is still available i would love any of these goodies: The bag of batteries, the box of electronics and hardware, or the F pack electronics. Just let me know what (If anything) you are willing to ship and i would be very grateful. Also i just wanted to say congratulations on making it to USAFA. That is probably one of the hardest schools to get into so i really want to say hats off to you. Good luck!