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creator of virtual planes
I think it depends on the question.

A) Is this a good price for this multirotor?

B) Is this a good price for a good multirotor?

I think the answer to A is going to be a "yes".

I think the answer to B is going to be a "no".


Helicopter addict
What im really asking is what hes offering me worth the money? he told me he would upgrade the stock 920kv to the t-motors 740kv.
He would. That doesn't mean you should. It seems like he either knows what he's doing, or is willing to experiment. Probably he would go from 3s to 4s batteries and to smaller props at the same time. This is all more advanced stuff you don't appear to be ready for.

I'm with all the other people on the forum: if you want to buy it and save for later when you are more experienced: do it! But keep in mind that the MR field is changing really fast. Next month it will be outdated, and there may be a better deal... ;)

So if you decide you want to learn on a cheaper MR first, and then advance to the higher end stuff, I'd hold off with buying the advanced stuff right now. :)