Graupner MZ-18


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I am having an issue setting up my Graupner MZ-18 for a Versacopter. Does anyone have this radio and have set it up correctly? I am new to this radio and so far the learning curve is getting to me..:black_eyed: HELP


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Stick with it

I jts got into the mz-18 and found 3-4 youtube videos were helpful and have been successful in setting up two quads so far. The first was a challenge but easier since I was binding to a Alpha250Q w/ a Graupner 18 FC/receiver combo. The second was from scratch and took some persistence to get the basics in. That persistence is valuable as I move forward and master the transmitter programming. Net 15 hrs so far and I'm much more confident each time I make adjustments.

Read the entire manual through and then go back and give it a go. It works!


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Quadcopter Setup Tutorial - mz-18

I'm super struggling with this too. The manual has a ton of good pictures, but what it lacks is tutorials for setup. I have both a Graupner Alpha 250Q and a Blade Nano QX2 which I want to use my mz-18 for. I was able to get the 250 up and running, but have no idea how to adjust the sensitivity for the sticks (I can barely control it it's so sensitive) or change the throttle stick to spring to the down position - instead of returning to center. And I can't figure out how to bind the Nano QX2 (is this even possible?).

How is the .mdl file used?
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