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Greetings from Germany

Long time lurker stepping out of the shadow for the first time.
Just one year from entering my fifth decade, modeling and RC has been enriching my life (and emptying my wallet) for more than a quarter of a century now.

I took a loong break from RC planes from the mid 90s up til about 2010 partly because of the lackluster power-to weight ratio of Electric power systems back then but mainly because when an RC car developed a problem you'd pull over and fix it. If the same thing happened to a plane mid-flight you'd spent a fortnight in the cellar rebuilding the plane from matchsticks.

The advent of foam and brushless motors changed all that (not to mention the change in the price tags) and what can I say, it's good to be back.

My favourite plane, that I practically never leave the house with is my FMS 800mm BF109 E (the old model)
Other planes I own include the Multiplex Twin Star, The Multiplex DogFighter(still in its box, was supposed to replace the BF 109 once I'd worn it out), a MiniProp Acro Magnum Reloaded and a few HK Fun Fighters.

Also bought this beautiful, beautiful balsa lasercut wing kit at a fair recently... I've got the feeling I'll be puzzling together matchstick size bits of plane again in the near future.


Monkey/Bear Poker
Well, I am normally not the welcoming committee, but welcome out of the shadows Corbarrad!!! This is a great place to get in the spotlight or at least out of the shadows. Everyone here is helpful and full of information, ideas and just about anything else you may need!

Pull up a chair and let us know what you are building and or flying!

Have fun!!!