Guardian Gremlin build video

Thank you so much for the pictures. Your pictures do show the details that people are looking for. I have a lot to learn if I want to build the new Gremlin. :) Did you tin the wires before you started to solder the wires to the board ?

Thank you again for the great looking pics.
The power wires were pre tinned and so were the motor wires. I should have tinned the camera and rx wires, but did not since I didn't have any issues getting them to stick to my blobs of solder.


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The power wires were pre tinned and so were the motor wires. I should have tinned the camera and rx wires, but did not since I didn't have any issues getting them to stick to my blobs of solder.

i would recommend snipping off the pre-tin, then re-doing it and matching to your solder. sometimes there can be issues mixing diff solders. plus, you have plenty of wire.

i have done squat today on the guardian. the PA XR-61 tried to die again. completely ripped out the brand new fire wall. not pretty. motor wouldn't even spin on landing. thanks again though, the wing cord and stupid light weight has saved this plane 8 times now. some how i can always glide it back to the field. i also got a little distracted by a new acquire... :love:


one of these days i will learn to focus on a single project... :LOL:


me :cool:
The mounts are 3d printed by Flite Test. Maybe @SP0NZ could sweet talk them into posting the STL on the forum, or maybe the FTCA page if the want to keep it personal.
I have no prior experience with drones other than a DJI mini 2.
The guardian can take a beating. Some how I managed to shear off one of the delrin screw heads, good thing they send extras. It is a real pleasure to learn on knowing that if it does crash(If you are new it will) you will still be able to fly it after, instead of waiting on new parts to arrive. I have been burning battery after battery on this thing for the last 4 days, and it is a blast. Make sure you have a good supply of batteries, you will not want to to stop flying once you start. It is decently acrobatic, and I have pulled off some rolls and loops with it, as well as smashed it into the ground and a few trees, but it still keeps kicking. I am also still on the first set of prop installed, thanks guys this thing is a blast to fly.
The only downfall was the build instructions or lack there off(I understand a video is being made), and having to track down the pin outs for all the components. Building was easy once all the info was located.
I would like to see the pin outs for the ANT AIO provided so we can access the built in betaflight OSD while flying. The color LED combos mentioned in the description for Channel, band and power do not match my camera. Mine are Green for Band, Red for Channel, and Blue for Power level.
You may also want to bind the Sat RX prior to connecting it to the Flight controller.

This is a duplicate of the review I am leaving on the store page. Cause why not.


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I finished the build and programming. I was probably a little too eager when I came to soldering, but it all works. The videos were good and contained enough info to program my remote and the quad. I initially had trouble getting BLHeli configurator to connect, but then it just did and I got the motors going the right way.
One slight problem is that trimming doesn’t seem to stop a slight drift the drone has. I was going to try calibrating the accelerometers in Betaflight. Other ideas out there?
Got the Beta Flight OSD to work. Wasn't Easy.

Out of the three pins that are holding then AIO together, you need to cut the one closet to the camera, and splice a wire from the camera side to the FC video in, and then form the FC Video out to the VTX side of the pin.


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It kinda bugs me that they are using ancient and somewhat subpar electronics and selling at the same price as a normal bnf.