Guinea Pig that carries more

So I have been mulling around the idea of building a Guinea Pig that can lift more cargo that it can now, say 2x. Currently I can get 1.25lbs around the pattern without too much problem, though I have to be at 80%+ throttle to stay aloft. No much room for wiggle. I have been thinking about:

Changing shape for airfoil for more lift.
Lengthening wing for more surface area, therefore more lift.
-general increase of drawings to about 140% (stay under 80")
Adding flaps to increase lift during takeoff and landing (doesn't address straight/level flight)
or ???

I am thinking that up to NTM prop drive 3530 1400Kv can be the power plant if needed with 4s and 60A ESC's (420W @ 12v (3S)/560W @ 15v (4S)). So I am wondering what insight the group may have on how to approach the project. What methodology would you use? Your comments are appreciated...


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i would look into a combination of all of the above. Maybe a bigger Wing with larger power plants are needed. IS this purpose built? Or are you just trying to see how much you can lift? The Recent FT episode Josh built the Jumbo Pig. Maybe something like that?
Not so much purpose built as just looking for something fun to think abut. The challenge isn't really that easy since there is a lot of minutiae is scaling plans and changing chord.

What brought back this idea was the drop the rc car episode. I'd do the sky van if I could find the plans, but I haven't yet. I do really like the GP though. I would prefer that. Somewhere in the video it mentions that Peter took the GP they abandoned and was going to do something with it. Maybe that will help once it airs.
Well I finally decided to do a 120% GP, prop drive 3536 1400, two 4s 1800 for juice. 70" wing span, 40% more wing area. we'll see what happens.

(Surprised no one has any interest in this thread...).