Guinea Pig with xt60 splitter setup


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I am running a XT60 splitter to two BLHeli Series 30A ESC and they are powering powerpack C motors. I was planning on running a 4s 2250mAh to power both motors. Everyone says its a bad idea to run a 4s with BLHeli Series 30A ESC but is it different when the power from the battery is split going to the two seperate ESC's?

I am NOT good at understanding all this ampage and wattage and volts etc talk! I have never seemed to understand all of that. Please help!:confused::confused::confused:




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A parallel splitter will deliver the same voltage to both ESCs. Check the stats that came with the ESCs, but if memory serves they are not rated for the 4S voltage. I run my Guinea Pig on a 4S 4000mAh pack, but I have upgraded the ESCs and motors to handle the additional voltage.

To clarify on the electronics part: a series resistive load will divide the voltage between the elements. If the loads are the same resistance, the voltage will be divided evenly among them. The current to each load will be the same overall current through each. Parallel loads are a current divider. Assuming the same resistive load, the voltage drop across the loads will be the total voltage. The total current supplied will be divided evenly between the loads.

In the 4S case with the Guinea Pig parallel setup, the 16.8V (fully charged) battery voltage will be seen by both ESCs. The current load (Amps) on the battery will be the sum of the current draw from each of the motors.

When I first flew my Guinea Pig on the Power Pack C motors, I used a pair of 3S 2200mAh batteries. Each battery was connected to its own ESC. The receiver+servos were connected only to one side. This worked pretty well for me, but I wanted a bit more performance than I got with the stock setup.
I like your thinking, but you're right on the line of frying the ESC. I fried one with with a C pack and a 4s 1800 battery. I ran it too hard. Since learn gin that lesson I have been able to run at 1.2 throttle with the occasional surge of 100% power for a few seconds without frying a second ESC. I would just upgrade the ESC. 4s is so much fun.