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H-quad flipping when hovering? / Gear transferable to bat bones?


Junior Member
Hi all,

I recently built up an h-quad via the flite test plans on this site, with the recommended motors, escs, kk2 board, etc. I put three flights on it, and it flew reasonably well on stock settings, and then I crashed and broke an arm. I fixed it, and tried flying it again, only to find that JUST as I attained a hover after takeoff, the front right motor glitches/stops rotating, and the quad just flips in the dirt. I checked connections, reset the board, and the same result happens. Any idea what is causing this? Bad motor, esc?

If it IS a bad motor, will my setup transfer onto a bat bones frame? I'm interested in trying the tri-copter for AP, if that is a good choice. Let me know, thanks.


Junior Member
Sounds fair enough, did I need to calibrate escs and such? I thought they were ready to go when I got them... and could anything else have been damaged in the crash? (Kk2 board)
Move the bad motor to the diagonal motor's location, and the seemingly good motor into the bad motors current position. When you fly it this way, does it flip in the direction of where you moved the suspect motor, or does it flip in the same direction it did prior? If the former, you've got a damaged motor; if the later, you've got a damaged ESC. Replace accordingly.

Everything you have setup on your quad, especially if it is on the any rotor frame, will transplant to the Bat Bone just fine and run as a tri-rotor (reprogram the KK2).


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Alright, well I did try to calibrate them when I got it. The programming card did not work at all for some reason, and I couldn't figure out the stick method. Is this calibration on the kk2 board? Or in the esc's themselves.


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This looks like it's the culprit, thoughts? It could still be the esc too, but this is the only visible issue I found when I took it apart. Can this be fixed, or is it just shot?


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
Fixing might be a challenge. Rewinding is probably what I would do if it was mine but that requires a bit of study first if you have never done it. After that it is best to carefully glue the wire bundle to the stator to provide strain relief in the event of a crash.